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      Edit: According to Amazon store the map is located in China.



      I have this feeling its in Japan. After all Japanese had huge part on the story but were then forgotten after Shi No Numa.






      Its pretty obvious that Die Rise name is tweak from High Rise. You can see the high-rise buildings on the back and if you look closely they have those vertical light billboards on side of the buildings that are very common in Asia. And they do have Asian text on them.



      Another thing we can see is soldier zombies and they could very possibly be Japanese troops.



      Then there is that red "blood stripe" effects in the side of the image. Reminds you of anything?



      Japanese imperial army.


      EDIT: Now you can clearly see the billboards have Asian text! Anyone know Japanese?


      I have sharpened the image so you can see text in the light billboards more clearly from this image:




      Original High Res image: http://i.imgur.com/Vk3AK.jpg

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