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    Something weird about bar paintings.

      I know the paintings have been discussed a few times, and I never really payed to much attention to them, but while playing yesterday, something bugged me about them.


      First was that there are four copies of each painting in the bar, if you count the room upstairs the zombies come in from. But then there is the tower/hill painting in the moon building, where the zombies drop down from. There is also the burning building one at the bank next to the vault. It can be seen frm inside the bar. So why the two extra paintings, and is there a fifth ear painting somewhere also. There is one that is kind of hidden next to the music teddy in the bar, but that counts in the four.


      And last thing is that the tower painting in the zombie room upstairs with the tv on seems to have some crud on it. If you look at it from a distance, it looks like a little kid instead of a tower. My tv is crap and half the paintings are to dark for me to see them real well. I'm wondering if anyone has really looked at the paintings and noticed something different about any of them.


      Probably reaching here, but they peaked my interest.