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    Competitive play + League play

      I played competitive cod 4 for about 4-5 years and just moved on to black ops 2 with some friends playing league play on PC.
      I was wondering if you could make a slightly more hardcore and 100% balanced league for leage play, which would include, no attachments, set classes eg. smg class, assault, sniper, shotgun with maybe the option to switch between smoke and flash. No strange grenades like EMP shock charge and DEFINATLEY not bouncing betties or claymores.. i was thinking just frag grenade and smoke/ flash, no countdown to enable grenades at the start of the game.


      it should only use gametypes like CTF, S/D, possibly Domination.  Needs to have either a longer countdown or a ready-up session from inside the map because if you have someone with a slow computer on your team it can be up to 30 seconds before they connect and that can put you at a massive dissadvantage in gamemodes like Domination.


      oh and also no killstreaks, no uav only show red dots when someone shoots. only use maps that are very balanced eg. something like aftermath or express although most of the maps are fine, and that doesn't matter as much.


      I think this would bring some of the more hardcore players over from other competitive games and give black ops a wider audience and a bigger, more fair competive scene like it used to in Cod 2+ Cod 4