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    @CUTPURSE - Please Read

      I was reset from Prestige 5 level 55 to Prestige 0, level 0 on 17 Dec 12. I have sent you 10 PM, spoken to ATVIASSIST on Twitter and have made several phone calls to Support resulting in a help card been created #02381540, if you check the PM you will get the whole histrionics, you even replied and told me the restore tool was broken and that it would be fixed within 24 hrs. The next day I received a 6 day ban, for nothing ...... I have bought the Season pass on PS3 and I am very disappointed in how I have been treated. I understand everyone is very busy making DLC so you can take more of our hard earned money, but a month and no real fix for the reset issue which seems so prevalent all over the website, perhaps your colleagues focus is more green back driven than fan driven.


      I have maxed every COD game from the last 10 years, had no issues,  but here I am on the brink of throwing in the towel and never returning to the series again.


      Please help.

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          Best of luck to you.....people have opened cases on this issue since 12/7/2012 - possibly earlier - and still no fix, no acknowledgement of the problem, and no announcement by Treyarch about what is causing it to happen (though we suspect it has something to do with playing Local or System Link matches). You should also be happy that at least Cutpurse replied to your PM....many of us have not even received that. I am right there with you - how can they expect the DLC to sell when so many people are being affected by these gamebreaking issues??? Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me......

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              Your right I hadn't realised just how badly ingrained the issue was until I researched the problem on the forum, no wonder people are leaving the game in droves.

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                  Oh, it's bad.. the only replies I've gotten are what Audiophile said..."we will try, but no guarantees"... how is it this friggin hard? My XBL has since lapsed and it's not getting renewed until this is fixed. I know one person won't make a difference, and I do hope to come back someday, but this situation is ridiculous. Utterly shameful, and I refuse to sink days and days into a game, only to go backwards.

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                Wow.  That is just horrible.  I was also resetted to Level 1, Nuketown 2025 and elite disappeared.  Also, I bought the season pass.  It's a big mess.  I tried calling --keeps telling me high volume calls --call back.  I have noticed reading through the forums many players are experiencing the same problems.  It's very discouraging.

                I tried playing it keeps resetting me back to level 1 so I am done!!! Gigi

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                    The most annoying thing for me is when I see ATVIAssist and Cutpurse replying to other threads but giving me not even a nod that they are looking ..... They either can't fix it and I come back tentatively or they don't fix it, but at least acknowledge they can't fix it and I leave and never come back. On another note Battlefield 3 has had some massive improvements and I have certainly improved whilst this shambles has been going on :)

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                        That is the most frustrating part to me is the lack of communication regarding the issue. I, too, have seen Cutpurse and ATVIAssist replying to several threads - but offering NO help and supplying NO updates on the issue. Leads me to believe that they do not want to acknowledge this GAMEBREAKING issue until AFTER the DLC release in the hopes of drawing more $$$. I can assure you - if this issue is not resolved and my lost items returned, BO2 will be shelved (or sold) and I will refuse to purchase another Treyarch title.......the lack of support on this MAJOR issue is the part that aggravates me the most.......where is the announcement warning people not to play Local / System Link? Where is the formal acknowledgement about the problem??? Apparently money > customer support........