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    Something strange happened last night.

      Ok might be misleading but last night I was in a lobby for a game last night and every time I got into a head on gun fight with this one player my gun would seem to skip firing for a couple of rounds. I would shoot him get a hit marker then my would seem to get jammed or something for a spit second then would begin firing right before I died. Also notice that I would be running along and the whole lobby would freeze for a split second and then the player you could see would sort of warp like 5 feet forward including myself. My brother was also in the lobby from his house and he said he noticed the same thing. Funny that one player went like 28 and 5 with no scorestreaks in tdm also. Also said players score per minute was only 190 which doesn't really translate. Anyways we left the lobby after that match because it seemed a little strange.

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          Could be a lag switcher. I've had this happen to me before and it's always just one person(you have to be host). Could be the game. Personally, when this happens, I report them. You can usually tell the difference between game lag and a cheater. I've noticed quite a few things lately, and I think there are some signal and system exploits(hacks) happening that have yet to be revealed. Oh yeah,  here they come, "you can't hack Xbox, blah,blah,blah, proof, blah, blah"

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            It's just lag, try resetting your router see if it helps, if not join a new lobby as the host has a rubbish connection or your the other side of the world to the host!

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              I have had the same thing also. If it was a lag switcher the entire lobby would have went to one bar while the switcher stays at four. Most likely it was a player with a bad connection and you were being held victim to the "L" word!!  On your screen he was jumping all over the place while on his screen everything is normal, what I would like to know is why the game allows a plyer with a crap connection to get into a "BEST" connections lobby. This is the root of most of the evil in this game in my opinion. I know every person cannot afford good internet but they're should be some sort of cut-off as to which connections can be placed into the any-normal-best lobbies. Just my thoughts.