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      So we have been playing this for a while now,   and I figured somewhere around the beginning of the year I figured we would start seeing bans go out.  An yet I still see the fake prestige masters, I am seeing more and more people use the aimbots, I am seeing the teleporting hack, godmodes, and a few other hacks.  I have yet to see game developers say anything at all about what there doing.  So  I put this to the community,  if you as a group start to boycott there game then maybe just maybe they will do something about all these hacks.  I would suggest that you boycott there next release game as well as to help the community speak out.  The game for the most part is nothing but a hackers delight and the rest of us who are legit are getting tired of all of the none caring.



      Please do something to help the community.



      Thank you a humble servant of the community, and ex-military personnel

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          godmode? aimbots? really?

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              yea this is just one of may cheats out there.


              Black Ops 2 Cheat

              Full Feature List:
              * No Recoil and No Spread
              * Deadly Accurate Lock On Aimbot
              * Autofire so bot fires for you with no delay
              * Autoprone will put you in prone when fired at
              * Full No Spread so all bullets hit dead on center
              * Full 360 FOV Aimbot can even see behind you
              * Bone Scan finds a bone to hit when the player hides
              * Aim key can be set to use any aimkey you choose
              * Head/Neck/Chest/Waist Kill Boxes for variations
              * Select Enemies, Friends, or Everyone as your target
              * Smooth Aim slows the movement to look natural
              * Visibility Checks only locks on when player can be hit
              * Target by closest to distance or closest to crosshair
              * Knifebot will auto knife for you when close

              * Skeleton shows the skeleton of the player models
              * Smiley Face replaces players head with large smiley
              * Weapons shows where dropped weapons are located
              * Head dot puts a dot on the center of the enemy head
              * Marked Heli, Drones, Planes, Grenades & Explosives
              * Name Tags show names of all friendlies and enemies
              * Health Tags show health of all friendlies and enemies
              * Visual Tags shows an icon or frame around enemies
              * Distance Tags show the distance to enemies
              * Smart Bounding Boxes with Colors

              * Varying distances to allow you to see the entire map
              * Auto zoom feature that zooms on aim

              2D Radar:
              * Reveals enemy positions
              * Shows player movement

              Misc:* Show FPS show your frame rate inside the game
              * Save over 3 cheat configurations in menu
              * Move your menu anywhere on screen with mouse
              * Chat Spammer to really make everyone mad
              * Show Ping displays your ping on screen
              * Show Time display the current time in game
              * Enemy Aim Warnings to warn when your in danger
              * Zombie God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, Money & More

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              If you're a "servant of the community", then go make me a sandwich.

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                I don't like to say there are hacks out there because I have this unknown faith that Trey ensured this games security. But then I look at the Prestige Hacks, I look at the poor effort in several categories of the game, and then I look at all the crazy deaths I've had and the insane gameplays I've seen that defy logic or sense



                I've seen people shoot through walls and get headshots on me. I've been wearing Ghost and had people 180* and shoot me dead in the chest like I was standing still with a neon sign above my head. I just posted somewhere else about the crazy sniper I met today



                Again, not saying there are hacks, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my suspicions

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                  none of this surprises me at all. 2 weeks ago i posted a thread on here about there possibly being a uav hack bc there have been games where ppl will kno my every move even tho i use ghost. ppl said im just a terrible player and there sound whoring or communicating well, ya watever, how many ppl watch there killcams....so now ive been paying even closer attention, ive been using dead silence, since ppl "sound whore" and noticing if other teams have been using mics to see if they can "communicate" well, and noticed that not many ppl i come up against even use a mic. so ive still come to my conclusion that i think there is one out there. and like i said above all, no one even watches there killcams to even remotely see suspicion

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                      the problem is that in the kill cams you dont see the hacks. most of the time is up close and personnel so there kills look legit

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                          Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                          yes i completely agree with you and ur right about not being able to see the hacks so its blind on whether or not they are. like i said tho, lots dont look at there killcams bc there in a hurry, i like to watch just to see if theres anything suspicious. i kno the lag in this game is horrendous and u must compensate and play to however the lag is otherwise ull go 0-20 in no time. is doesnt happen to me to much when i think someone is using a uav hack, ive just gone up against maybe a couple handfulls of ppl that look seriously suspicious and when i die to the same guy 12x in a domination match, he goes 60-3, then i watch the killcams everytime and he new my everymove even with my counter actions/measures and i still just got obliterated, im going to be very suspicious

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                              Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                              and as i pointed out above read the specs of that black ops 2 cheats. thats just one of many i have seen and the programers are doing nothing.  this is a shooter game why cheat.   your not making your self look any better just because you have a decent k/d ratio. who cares

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                                  Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                  I've had this happen to me and it was horrible one second the guy couldnt kill anyone couldnt even shoot straight couple minutes later he was getting headshot after headshot i always want to know how i die to see my mistakes watch the kill cam low and behold an aimbot the guy wasnt even looking at me and somehow he just snapped straight onto my head with his ironsights and got a headshot but boy oh boy i have been running into many aimbots and they usually come out more often for the clan challenges.

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                                      Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                      I've used some of these hacks and brought them to the attention of 3arc.   Basically they have your money and don't care. I have also used the modded controllers.. 

                                      I don't know about smiley face hacks and things like that but you can hack the game easy to have a Vsat at all times.   You can stop the spread on a gun.

                                      You can be dead accurate with a modded controller.. 

                                      People think rapid fire modes only make guns shoot faster but they will take a gun and slow it down enough to make it dead accurate.

                                      A controller with quick scope  Fires the shot exactly at the time the scope in hits the first frame with the ADS trigger .  Making for an instant kill.

                                      Any game can be changed and hacked..  3arc does it every update.  They tweak the game and anyone with knowledge hw can do the same.

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                              Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                              Any idea if theres a hack that prevents the match from being recorded? In the past its always been the cry of the nay sayers, show me the proof, no video = no proof. Stands to reason disabling match recordings might be a must for any would be hackers. Add the fact not every match gets recorded, gets one thinking.

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                                Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                I have came across people that kill me so much that I think that they are cheating, but then I realize that there are people who play way to crazy, like they have an adrenaline rush or take a hit of crack or something.

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                                  Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                  I havn't seen any hax yet. There are some guys who are Prestige Masters and I still manage to beat them. c:

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                                    Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                    Hopefully their stats get reset.

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                                      Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                      If their was a hack on the PS, you could bet your life somone would be on yourtube by now showing. So on the basis of no eveidence i just dont belive it.

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                                          Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                          Really?  For some reason, only the honest legitimate players are the only ones to be or get upset over this.  And all anyone has to do it google hacks, and the list is endless.  I love playing with awesome players, makes me better. IMHO, there are two types of people who need evidence...the naive and the hackers.

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                                          Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                          Ive been gaming for many years and have seen all kinds of hacks, some that are blatantly obvious to some that give you a slight advatange.  I used to be a big pc gamer, if anyone recalls Unreal Tournament but I was a world ranking player on that game. So I know good players and when something feels fishy, it usually is.  I don't accuse too often of cheating, but I find there are a lot of "Awesome" players now.  People you just cant kill, or it takes an entire magazine to put them down, when you cant run by a door way without surviing.  What I liked about Unreal Tournament was there was ZERO TOLERANCE for cheating, if you were caught you were banned, your online cd key was gone and your IP address and online ID were posted for the world to see.  Why this is not being more done often on these games , I have no clue.  There are programs that can be run that wouldn't even allow cheaters on to public servers.  It takes a few seconds for the game to start but the program would run a check on each players files that would allow the hacking and prevent them from going on and playing. 


                                          Disiple73, thank you for your service, I too am a vet, US Army, Infantry.  So, I guess I will drink my water and carry on like the rest of the few legit players in this community. 


                                          PS- they may get my money again for the next game, but if this hacking stuff isn't addressed, I will never buy the Elite package or any of the new maps again. 

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                                            Re: WHY ARE THE HACKS STILL BEING ABLE TO BE USED

                                            ya kno if the game makers wanted to fix the hacking ,why not join the hack forums where ppl send money to a forum for a hack program,and the game makers could join and use the hack program to back track and prevent it from happening,and im sure there would b a way to bring legal action against whoever was associated with it..age old saying ..it takes a thief to catch a thief... but thats just common sense,i had sent a link to activision and iw when mw3 came out about a website i found that was set up for cheats and hacks but nothing ever happened

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