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      Let me just say im kinda new to the forums. Ok, on with thh news!

      First with the easter eggs.


      -The first one i realized was that the Black ops 2 case itself where the game came in, on the back of the cover it shows three pictures. Campaign, zombies, and multiplayer. The Zombies, of course, is the one im referring to as the easter egg. You can clearly see the Bus driving in the opposite direction from which it came from. Im no einstein, but this "endgame or second route" could just lead back from which the bus itself cam from.



      -The second easter egg i found was when your playing survival on tranzit, you know, WITHOUT THE BUS.Play for at least up to round 1-4. The earth will shake randomly out of nowhere as if something crash landed onto the map. Your either playing as cdc or the FBI group or whatever their names are. The world would either shake at the very beginning, or DURING gameplay. Trust me, this has happened to me multiple times and IT IS NOT a glitch. My theory is that the cdc or fbi group also managed to get to tranzit, but without the bus (probably throught the tunnels just like marlton), but tell me what you guys think.




      The BRAINSTORM idea i was talking about refers to the MOARSE CODE in the tranzit map, after completeing the tower of bable. I myself havent completed the easter egg, although i will very soon, i theorized that these MOARSE CODE at the light stops have a bigger meaning (obviously and undoubtly intentional on activision's part).




      Stay Close to Me- Obviously reffers to the tower, or the group themselves. You have tos tick together to survive.


      http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xvj4db_tranzit-easter-egg-breakdown-step-28-ora nge-lights-morse-code-ee-reset-black-ops-2-zombies_videogames#.UOZGnzVk6Ic


      This video proves that the red orbs revolve around the stop light and mystery box. The mystery box is MAGIC, so the stop lights must be as well,  and so forth with the bus itself.





      Lastly theTHE BEST EASTER EGG I FOUND MYSELF (not sure if anyone else found it first but watever). In town, being thats the final frontier for the EASTER EGG in tranzit, there is  A FREAKIN WINDOW WITH A LIGHT TURNED ON IN TRANZIT, ABOVE THE BANK! Then there is like five broken windows on that very same floor, making it so that a player can actually throw something in the window. I myself threw 2 emp grenades for the heck of it to see what would happen, nothing for now to say the least, but this window above the bank has a light in it, that is undoubtly strange and could be part of the easter egg!


      thanks again and ongo with the replies, so we can solve this damn easter egg!