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    The Officer's Club: Black Ops II Edition

      The Officer's Club

      Inspired by the original, by co-creators - MajorRod and IVIRTran


      It's one of those things, elegance at it's finest. The Officer's Club dirived from the beginning of World at War time period and has been the one shot stop for all Officer's and NCOs to have a good time and socialize, bringing the true meaning to the Call of Duty Off Topic. Now traditionally, there are positions of the club to ensure the upkeep and dexterity of the thread. So it shall be.


      Commanding Officer: MajorRod

      Commanding NCO:


      Command Master At Arms: ChestSplittah

      Master At Arms: (NCO):

      Master At Arms: (NCO):


      Chef (CO): YouAreHow

      Chef Assistant (NCO):

      Bartender (NCO): Doc_SoCal


      House Coordinator (CO):

      Maintenance (NCO):

      Maintenance (NCO):

      Electric Technician (NCO): clashgears

      Some of you may not understand the whole concept behind the thread, but you Veterans will know what's up. Feel free to call dibs, and have fun.

      Positions can be added / reccomended, but must first be approved by the CO Board of Directors.



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