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    Black Ops II Crashes At Start Up

      Appreciate any help that would help me resolve this issue I am having with starting Black Ops II through Steam.


      After purchasing the game through Steam and it was installed I was able to play the game without interruption for approximately 30 hours before the problems started.


      I was able to rank up at the appropriate times until the game started crashing at start up. What you may ask, why would the game start crashing if no such anomaly existed before? I am very suspicious of the fact that I received an update for Steam and it was functioning before, but after the update the problems started.


      I contacted Steam for assistance and even though I received possible solutions to help fix the problem, Black Ops II keeps crashing. Their final response was to contact the maker of the game.


      I was not able to find anything in the other threads that related to this situation.


      I have ensured that all my drivers were updated concerning my graphics card. Though there was no updated at installation or during game play or even when it started to crash, an update for the graphics card came out and was applied. This update had no effect in resolving this problem.


      As it is with playing a game that provides significant enjoyment, this whole matter has been quite frustrating.


      I have even went to the extreme of uninstalling the game from Steam and uninstalling the Steam program as well and then restarting the computer and starting from the beginning by re-installing Steam and then downloading Black Ops II again. I ended with the same result with it crashing to desktop after the appearance of the start up screen and showing the Treyarch logo.


      As I continued to pursue solutions to this crashing I observed that when it crashed and Windows 7 would show an indication that the game crashed, closing the announced from Windows 7, the game would automatically restart and crash again, and this would continue with this loop until Windows would give no response.


      I do have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 installed through Steam as well and it will work as installed, but after playing one or two games it too will crash to desktop. It always says that the executable was the reason it crashed. This too was not a problem before installing th Steam update.


      I have other games installed through Steam, but none of those appear to have been affected.


      Any solution or recommendations would be appreciated.


      I run this game on a Windows 7, 64 bit, with 16GB memory, a Geforce GTX 580 graphics card.

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