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    Fan Creations - returned!

      Hi all,


      We've migrated over the fan creations section from the old boards: your original content is here, waiting to be expanded on, and now is the time to debut new creations!




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          Hopefully everyone can see it now!  For those of you that have started new threads in the off-topic section, please let me know if you would like to have those moved to the Fan Creations or if you will be using the older threads already there.  I still haven't used many mod tools on this new forum so I'll probably do a test run before I move anything (don't want to accidentally delete a whole thread or something!)

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            Glad to see the Fan Creations section is back.  That's the section that most people wanted back more than anything, so it's good to see that you all are paying attention to that kinda stuff, though it does look like the transition hasn't been totally smooth.


            Anyway, it'd be awesome if Jad or whoever could move this thread to the Fan Creations section, since that's where I've been posting all my stuff since the new site got started.