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    How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

      Judging by the title your probably asking why I have put in the word evolved in my title, as Im guessing most of you, like me, believe Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the best Call of Duty title to date. It is a fact that it is the game people got hooked on, but personally, I started Multiplayer on Call of Duty 3 on the PS3 and always preferred treyarch because of that, but recent thinking has forced me to believe otherwise. Heres what I wish to accomplish at the end of this thread.
      I want Treyarch to realise they're mistakes and fix them before they release the first DLC.

      I want Players to realise what Treyarch have done with Call of Duty, and how we must change our playstyles correctly


      I'll start my thread by reviewing all Call of Duty Multiplayer games since COD4


      Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


      Modern Warfare introduced console users to intense, fun, rewarding and simple multiplayer that we always wanted. The Maps were fair, the gamemodes were excellent and cheating was virtually impossible until users began to study the PS3 system and no visible cheating occured until late 2009, around the release the MW2 and the temporary shutdown of the PSN.
      All round, this game simplified what most online shooters tried to achieve with customizable classes, guns, wide range of excellent maps and fast paced but balanced gunfights. Killstreaks were a great addition too and were fair as an enemy, you really couldnt do a whole lot to avoid them them whilst they're there.
      It made competive gamers happy with the good lag compensation, balanced perks and weapons, and a wide variety of game modes.

      Even more so, the challenges in this game were hard, long but well rewarded. If you had reached max level, you could prestige which really kept players going for more than a full 10 days of gameplay. And even when you reached max prestige you could spend days trying to get your golden guns.
      Overall this game well and truly did advance every shooter game to where they are today, and this game earned its well expected GOTY award and released a game edition with all dlc packs for free.


      Call of Duty: World at War


      Following the release of the very succesful Modern Warfare, Treyarch used the IW 3.0 engine used for MW for there supposed final game set in the last days of WW2, fans of the series looked forward to one last WW2 based Call of Duty. World at War was a great game, including an edge of your seat story line and easily lovable charcters like Reznov. Multiplayer proved even better with adding the ability to use tanks and multitudes of different and new gamemodes including War, a fierce objective game. 3arc stuck with the 3,5,7 killstreaks from MW1 but changed them to slightly better and more effective kill streaks than the prevoious game. Snipers dominated in this game and LMG's also proved to reign over most weapons.
      Unfortunately the game fell to cheaters and hackers as 2009 came around with new hacking kits and tools such as the jailbreak system, but at least they were in short supply at the time and not many knew about it.
      With the last touch to the game they added what turned out to be a huge hit and it is what most people currently play Call of Duty for today, Call of Duty Nazi Zombies. A round based survival game, allowing up to 4 players to play together, it was the perfect way to take a break form online stress and anger.
      Call of Duty: World at War was a huge success.


      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

      The sequel to one of the greatest online shooters to date, many people had high hopes for the game and they were right to do so as the game brought astounding new visuals, new perks, greater customization in terms of weaponry, classes, killstreaks and playercards. MW2 proved to be another step forward. Although falling to hacks, cheats and the idiotic misuse of sniper rifles, it proved to be a fun game, exciting and blood rushing, as players all tried to achieve high streaks such as the dreaded Tactical Nuke. This game brought rise to Spawn trapping, Rushing, Quickscoping and Camping like never seen before, in my mind, giving the Call of Duty Franchise a bad name. The game was good, but the people started to change without knowing it, leading to the hardcore, major league and competive gamers hating the game due to its "mess around" factor.
      Modern Warfare 2 had great potential but left many dissapointed and had completely seperated future Call of Duty games from Moder Warfare 1.
      Not only had IW almost ruined the Multiplayer, they had almost ruined themselves. People looking forward to a MW3 or a sequel to MW2 were dissapointed to hear IW's troubles and claims against the company, potentially putting them out of business.
      An all round good game, but a terrible sequel to one of the best games in history.

      Call of Duty: Black Ops

      Treyarch seemed to have broke the boundaries and went all out on this game, starting fresh with a new branch of Call of Duty with a ton of new features included in multiplayer, zombies and the campaign. Black Ops was turing out to be a true Call of Duty game, that was until the competitive players seen a very important flaw. The Connection, Lag Compensation and Hit Detection was so bad that people had sold they're game within the first few months, the game was unplayable for people who cared about they're stats because winning was all about who had the favor of lagging less. The party system, although built with new and improved features was pointless, as it rarely worked without flaw. Treyarch understood the issue and decided to release patches that slightly improved gameplay but still left in with slight flaws. On the other hand the release of Elite and Great DLC had the peoples favor and Black Ops had more then certainly wiped MW2 off the leaderboards being the most sold Call of Duty at the time.
      Although it had minor but frustrating connection issues and somewhat over powered class combinations, the game had been a great success with great new features and the growing fanbase of zombies.


      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


      As we near the end of our list we start to see great change in the way Call of Duty has evolved, and what MW3 had done had put the game in my opinion and hundreds of my friends too, that this game was a true sequel to the original Modern Warfare, with loose ends being tied in the campaign, the enemy finally being put down, and the war being put to an end, the story line was great and upsetting for a few fans of the main playable character in the series.
      It had brought a sense of completion and thus with the multiplayer too. What this game had achieved was fair balanced multiple choices of classes, killstreaks, guns, Great connection in parties and ingame, great hit detection and great lag compensation. The Idea of bringing in Support, Assault and Specialist Killstreaks meant every kind of player could help the team, improving team play. The utilization of Elite and bringing in clans as an official part of the game and giving them opputuinites to show them selves off to the world by competing in operations and challenges meant you had a family on MW3, a family you respected, talked with and played with almost every fay of every week. It got you hooked on the game.
      The introduction  to survival also helped expand playable time and so did the huge 20 DLC Season for a mere $50.
      Never has a Call of Duty game been so interactive, team friendly and balanced.
      Modern Warfare 3 was a giant step in the right direction allowing different types of players to achieve different rewards and form a team of people helping each other and having fun.

      Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

      The most recent COD to date and the not so direct sequel to Black Ops has the greatest visuals in any Call of Duty game to date. But the many other problems with this game very seriously out weigh the graphics by a ton.


      The Connection.
      The Lag Compensation.
      The Hit Detection.

      The Steps Backwards from MW3.
      The Destruction of Team Play


      These are the wery things that have destroyed this game. If you dont see these problems then you play solo, on best connection without a clan and have never played a Modern Warfare game to an extent.
      I have now been to Master Prestige and back again since release date, and I see no signs of improvement yet, in my self or in the game. Its almost like they put a cap to how good you can get at the game. Every one who plays this game now score whore ( sorry for the language ) which ruins teamplay completely, you cannot force teamplay, its an option that when faced with you can not beat, forcing players to earn they're petty "Score Streaks" has taken the fun out of playing the objective, now you must take an objective and survive to get anywhere near your streak. It has broked the 3 types of players MW3 had created, It has broken what a team means. Now every one plays the same, with the same weapon with streaks they feel comfortable to earn, but still cant because of the connection problems. Not to mention the horrible knifing system.
      No only has actual team play been destroyed but over 30 players from my 70 members clan who had came 5th in the world on MW3 has left and made a MW3 only clan. It has destroyed my, and others hard work by forming a top clan, paying money to develop a site for ourselves and putting time into Ops that I'd rather spend out with friends.
      I had a family in MW3, and it will remain there because Treyarch should have never been so careless as to ruin what many have created, an they will most likely never or just physically cannot fix there problems. What company should be allowed to develop a game that devloves with every game they release? The business name Treyarch will remained frowned upon by me and my clan until they have succesfully fixed they're problem.
      They have destroyed Elite too by removing all actual rewards for the game for doing ops. No new Playercards, we cant use our original tags [HTD!] and we dont even earn double XP for our hard work so why should we even play your game? Im giving them until late February to fix this. If they dont I will not buy DLC and will burn my BO2 collectors edition




















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          Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

          If they answered your post, what would you like them to say?


          Connection, lag compensation and hit detection is played with during each hotfix.


          I don't know about it being a step backwards from MW3, that's just opinion.


          The destruction of teamplay? If you are on a team, playing as a team, are you not more likely to win?

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              Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

              I would like them to inform us that they are aware of the issues and will be fixing them, a little something is better then nothing.


              A step backwards form MW3 is a fact in relation to its features, nothing more, nothing less.


              Thats a team playing for a win by just simply playing the game, in mw3 we had our 6 man team split into different roles, because the kill streaks and perks allowed that. but in Black Ops 2? No. Frantic running around. although I have a very good tactic for domination, it really doesnt feel the same.

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              Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

              Broke the boundaries with MP, Zombies? They had it in W@W! Hell, all they did was copy and paste... Pro perks, challenges, KS system with out chaining. They've reall never done anything. Look at what's been added and how messed up the game is now vs. CoD4->MW2... Theater, Elite, Split Screening, Aimbot attachments, Sticky Aim attachments, Zombies on the MP engine side.. I can go on. Everything they try and do to make themselves stands out that it is partially the cause for regression of CoD's MP experience. I don't care what a tweenie bopper bandwagon jumper says in a mag or Twitter. Anyone that has been playing this game since CoD4 or at least before the Stimulus Package dropped knows... This game is broke and is steadily gettting easier for the nO_oB to feel like as an equal to those who have been playing a while.


              Firing of CoD's father and caretakers brought this franchise to what it is now. A pumped out whore that constantly needs some kind of accessory or makeup to make it appealing. Yet when The public gets its hand on this hag... It's easy to find out... Used and ruined.

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                Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                What this game had achieved was fair balanced multiple choices of classes, killstreaks, guns, Great connection in parties and ingame, great hit detection and great lag compensation.




                Never has a Call of Duty game been so interactive, team friendly and balanced.
                Modern Warfare 3 was a giant step in the right direction allowing different types of players to achieve different rewards and form a team of people helping each other and having fun.

                First off all, MW3 was the biggest lag fest that has been ever released. Sure BO2 has some severe lag issues, but it ran perfect at launch which MW3 never did, and when the lag in BO2 is at it's worse it's comparable to an avarage experience in MW3. Since you are stating that game had decent laf compensation, I guess you are one of the lucky ones who was lag killing everyone in MW3 and woke up to the connectivity issues with BO2 ? The lagging has been around since BO and was at it's worst in MW3. I'm not saying BO2 doesn't need a fix, or that the game is functional, all I'm saying is MW3 was a lot worse for me and for many others.


                It's also ridiculous that you refer MW3 as being balanced. It had death streaks and lethal support streaks that catered for the noobs, and most of the maps were designed for one playstyle only, which is running and gunning with and SMG. It was also basically a 2 gun game, the MP7 and ACR dominated every match. I actually think that even though we have the target finder in BO2 and the map design also caters to running and gunning, BO2 is a lot more balanced experience.


                If they are able to minimize the lag issues in BO2 (get it back to level it was on launch week prior to patch 1.03) i actually think this game was a step in the right direction and is one of the best CoD games ever created, if not the best, time will tell. They need to address the lagging, and make some adjustments towards nerfing the target finder and reducing the damage on long range with SMG's, and realese some BO-style maps with the DLC that do a better job at supporting different playstyles, and then we are set. I'm sceptical this will happen, escpecially the lag fix, but try to remain hopefull. Even if they do not change a damn thing the game is still many times better than MW3 ever was.

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                    Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                    completely agree for me it is the best/second best cod ever not sure if it better than cod 4 mw yet just because maps are better in mw imo but blops 2 is great for me

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                      Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                      Straight away my answer to your lag problem is your internet connection and or lacation as I have never experienced lag in MW3 and I have played it for 18 days of gameplay.

                      Its balanced because one on one battles take literal skill and planning unlike BO2 which is probably why you like BO2 and not MW3 ( No offence intened )


                      And lastly, your forum rank tell me you dont have many good things to say that people agree on, so is the case here, you claim mw3 to have lagged yet with 18 days of gameplay I have yet to see signs of it, I've seen other people lag but never me or any of the 70+ members in my clan


                      For now Im ignoring your response

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                          Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                          No, it's not my connection, i play on a 100/5mb cable and use a decent router with proper settings and i can ping under 5ms within my country and between 10-30ms to countries close by. Take a look at the forums (MW3 side) and see how many complaints about lag there is. Those continued from launch up until BO2 was released. There are also tons of vids on YT about it. And many other forums users will say the same. It's a well known issue, but you have been unaware of it because you were one the lucky ones getting the good side of the lag compensation.


                          I wouldn't call any game balanced that has connectivity issues, because the ones enjoying the lag advantage will dominate regardless of your strategy if they are any good. As MW3 was an SMG run n gunners game, same as BO2 in many ways is, i really don't see how it has any more strategy in it than BO2. Care to be more specific in how MW3 took more strategy and skill compared to BO2 ? I think you just might be frustrated of people running up to you and dominating with SMG's, which also happened in MW3, but you might have been able to avoid since you didn't have any lag issues. For me it has been the same since BO, even if i put my tryhard pants on i still get owned by 12 year olds running carelessly with an silenced SMG, they just hip fire away and avoid death without strategy thanks to lag.


                          Balance is a concept that has to do with how different playstyles work against each other, and how well weapond, perks and equipment and killstreaks are balanced. When it comes to weapon balance, BO2 does a better job than MW3. In my opinion it doesn't have the equivalent to the ACR and MP7 that were in MW3, those 2 were the most used and most OP guns i the game, righ after the akimbo FMG9's. It also does have lethal support streaks and death streaks that cater towards noobs, and both of them take away from needing skill. The SMG's in MW3 had ridiculous range and damage over range, again another unbalanced issue. Both games cater to rushers, which us equally unbalanced in both titles. It's these other factors that make BO2 a more balanced experience than MW3.

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                              Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                              Sorry a lot of typos, using the forum on my iPhone right now.

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                                  Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                                  only time i noticed any issue in  MW3 was when i was the host.


                                  other then that the game worked like a charm.


                                  this game however its a gamble to what will happen lol.

                                  im on the bad side of lagg alot and if there is a host migration there is a hige chance ill be host lol.


                                  then another thing.

                                  usually when im the host its terrible but like 1 out of 10 games i feel like im superman lol.

                                  only to get pumped full of kryptonite in the matches that follow lol.

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                            Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                            fair enought if you dont like blops 2, I personally love blops2 but then im not experiencing any real lag issues, my connections 60mb btw,But to say mw3 was good, i mean wtf it is by far the worst cod ever made imo, ive played all cods since cod big red 1, to be fair I hated mw2 as well but no 1 can deny that the connection was not amazing in that game and the maps were decent but it was ruined by oma and noobtubes across map from spawn. But in my mind mw3 has no real redeeming features at all, the maps are all tiny, even dlc maps such as liberation were made to feel small thanks to the most amazing spawn system ever known to man lol (im not saying the blops2 spawns systems good btw quite the opposite but compared to mw3 its the greatest thing in the universe) ,the connection was wank maybe 50% of the time for me, the support streak thing was laughably floored, i used to in the begining use uav,couter uav and jugga and allways got around 30/40 kills but thats just my opinion after all if you like it then ave at it i say lol

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                              Re: How Call of Duty has "Evolved"

                              Blops 2 is my favourite since Cod4, which is why I have played it a ton despite having horrible lag issues. I'm done with it for now though until the connections are fixed. I don't understand how it can be so unplayable now when on release it ran so smooth. I hope they do fix it cos I already got the season pass

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