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    Does anyone use Hard Wired?


      I think this perk is way too specific and that is why it is never used. Nobody uses EMP in this game, unless it is obtained in a care package. The counter UAV isn't all that and gets shot down anyway. I have never used this perk, and never die to anyone that uses it. I can't help feeling Treyarch should somehow buff it or just remove it from the game.

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          It is a useless perk.  I am not sure why they bothered putting it in.

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            It's a little more useful in League Play and Competetive Call of Duty where EMP Grenades are used more often, but I'd love to see it given a buff to make it more useful in standard play, I'm just not sure how.


            Perhaps, have Hard Wired protect your Sentry Gun, Guardian etc from EMP Grenades if you're within a certain range of them, or perhaps make it so that if you're running Hard Wired and you throw up a UAV/VSAT it can't be CUAV'd/EMP'd (I'd personally use this as standard if it had the latter effect).

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              why don't they combine it with cold blooded their both useless perks nobody ever uses over toughness, fast hands or scavenger.

              then maybe those combined perks will be somewhat useful.

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                I agree that it is a useless perk, however I have noticed most recently a lot more people have been using the EMP grenades.  I did notice how annoying this gets on Nuketown when 3 people on the other team have 2 EMP's each and just toss them every 5 seconds.  In conclusion-Yes its still useless.