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      how are we suposed to know to read the rules?
      if your working with treyarch is the easter egg for tranzit over or is there another step to tranzit right now after the tower of babble?
      are you honestly listening to us...... it seems like lies except that your are deleting post on the fourms.
      is treyarch fixing any problems with zombies/black op2 and may we know what problem they are fixing so we stop complaining?
      this fourm here is directly talking to treyarch and foxhound-pro.
      why cant we reply to you? are you so busy that we dont matter?
      why so secretive with stuff that will be shown to us at a recent date?

      we are your customers..... the people who buy your product..... we should have a cool company that everyone loves but black ops 2 is quiet frankly a disapointment.


      please fix the errors or ill start telling people to stop buying your games.