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    Banned bops1

      I got banned on black ops 1, Because i got in a modded lobby that infects people who have been in the lobby! I didnt know this and the result is a BAN. Why should i suffer for other people hacking? I am legit, I camp, I rush.


      Psn: IiDViI (they are all i's)


      @Treyarch- Unban me please

      @everyone- Happy new year

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          Re: Banned bops1

          I hear you on this. My son has been banned on COD ghosts for the same sort of thing. And I am a mother on the war path, so whoever is responsible needs to watch out!!  I don't like the replies I have seen from this company so far, so will be investigating further!

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              Re: Banned bops1

              People are sick to death with all these poxy cheats. Smart arsed comments just add to the annoyance. Take Gamaliere. He has on his profile $10 PSN GOD MODE. Says he cant be banned. Says he's a hacker and can un-ban himself. They make me sick to the stomach. Ban all cheats for life. People have to learn right from wrong. Even at an early age.

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              Re: Banned bops1

              i have the same problem has anyone answered about this yet im sick of this i can play on my xbox but my roommate and i both like playing on the PS3 and i cant get into a lobby in ghost either on my PS4 has call of duty banned me from playing on their servers.


              PSN  ID- Tonyv_133

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