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    The SMR... An Unexpected Love Story.

      I don't like you. I've never liked you. I mean... how could anyone like you?


      I mean, look at you! You're ugly. You're slow. 50-40 damage? A mere 1.2x Headshot Multiplier? A tiny 20 round clip? A 2.69 second reload, 3.2 when completely empty? 525 RPM when Semiautomatic and only 416 when set to Full Auto?


      Look, it just wouldn't work out. I'm an Automatic kind of guy. I don't mesh well with you temperamental Semi Automatics. I'm sorry, we just don't stand a chance.


      And yet... we have to find a way to work together. I want those camos, I want to finish these challenges... So you and I are going to have to find some way to get past our differences.


      But after 4 prestiges, how is it you've only gotten me 1 headshot? Do I mean that little to you? Work with me here, baby.. together we can do this.


      It started off rocky for us. Game after Game after Game... and I've only gotten up to 4 headshots? I just don't think this is going to work out between us. And yet... I am going positive with you every match. In fact, top of the leaderboard in most of them to boot. So.. maybe we can figure this out.


      I just don't know. I dress you up in various attachments but you are still just too slow. SMGs own you at range, and the other Automatic ARs laugh at you right to your face... and more often than not behind your back. But then, something magical happens. I see you there, in your flashy red laser sight and automatic selector switch.. and things just start to mesh. You give me your K/D numbers: 16/14, 17/9, 20/6, 24/10, 15/12, 21/12,17/9. 29/10, 22/11... and I realize I'm falling for you.


      Next thing you know we're shopping for Camo patterns together, a new one almost every match. We're taking out SMG headless chickens in CQB, and sticking it to those other ARs. You know, I think we're going to make it. Stick with me, baby... and soon I'll be picking out some Diamonds just for you.


      Anyone else have stories about guns that you struggled with at the start but ended up enjoying in the long run? Feel free to share some stories of relationships that just didn't work out as well

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