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        How do you run it from your console? I could never figure it out. No Adobe.

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          ps3 is not the same as xbox you can do a lot of things on the ps3 that cannot be done on the xbox. You can even run apps like boinc on the ps3 but is not supported on the xbox.

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            Okay. Thanks. I figured with the IE now available I could do it, but it obviously didn't work.

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              Thank you for you proved my point on how the console connection is not the same as the dt or lt connection. Your console gets a clearly less than half as good as connection as the mac does. Which pretty much means anyone using pingtest needs to basically double the results on ping and jitter to have any indication as toward what they are maybe getting on the console and I stress the word maybe.

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                Wrong, just because a device may download/upload half as fast as another on your network does not mean the ping/latency is half as fast. You clearly don't have a firm grasp on this networking stuff.

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                  Nice post.


                  Thanks for letting us know about online Forza Horizon.


                  Luckily I only paid 25 bucks for my copy.

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                    Actually, No I am not wrong. The console does not use your intenet connection the same way so any results you get for the pc test mean nothing for the console and never have and never will. So to try and use a pc test to justify anything on the console is flawed logic at it's most simplest even if you do not understand that.

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                      That ack is part of the error correction in tcp, which udp does not use. The speed of the transmission is not any faster just because of this, just the processing of the information. which does not make it really any faster. Just because it does not have to send an ack does not mean the data is really traveling any faster across the connection.


                      Another thing you may not realize is that udp does not send the information in the exact same order as tcp. You may bet udp packet 125 before you get 120 or even before 115. where in tcp it follows a much stricter method of being sent. You will get 115 before 120 before 125.


                      UDP is the bastard child of tcp and always has been. It is not faster just uses less correction control.


                      Also by removing those ack packets it is more possible for packets to be lost and never noticed. because udp does not really care if a packet is lost or not. it just sends out the packet and if they are recieved fine, if not oh well. Those lost packets can add to the wtf moments in the game.

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                        Yep the IE on the xbox does not support java which is needed by most of those tests.

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                          Some matches work fine if you get a good host that is near by. Other matches well make me think of BO and MW3 and BO2 in how if the host is bad the wft moments go through the roof.


                          With a good host, it is pretty smooth, only some car hopping and floating at times. With a bad host.. it is super car rally. Where you bump a car and suddenly it shoots away at 200+ mph when it was only going 60 and you were only going 80 when you bumped it.


                          So pretty much like this game, get a bad host and nothing connects, get a good host and your gun is the god slayer that not even satan or god themself would stand before and have a chance of winning aka rubber bullets bending around corners and shooting through thick walls as if they were paper.