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    Questions about campaign and Main Menu.

      Yesterday we were talking about how this is the first zombie game that didn't benefit from the campaign yet. And we were talking about how the Main Menu screen is in First Person View like in Black Ops 1, so is it possible to move around in this game like we did in that. Loading a menu in FP view requirers extra time to load, so why have an interactive menu (he pushes the buttons or rather a single button on his wrist) with coding if there is nothing to it.


      His wrist device also has F1 through F5 and when the screen first loads, text appears in the top two corners. The right corner has text about FS and then states the "filesystem is" and doesnt say anything else. So that got me thinking that maybe there is a way to load one or more of the filesystems. I've tried hitting different buttons, different combinations, and you can go through the campaign menu and mission screens and still interact with the wrist. So far nothing. So now I'm looking into the campaign trying to beat every challange and find hidden things.


      Has anyone beat all the challange missions yet? Maybe if they have, there is something new at the Main Menu they haven't noticed yet. The challanges aren't very interesting and you get rewarded guns and perks for completeing a few of them per map but only get an achievement for doing them all, so most people prob dont bother.