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    Patch 1.05?

      Has anyone heard anything about a new patch for BO2? I've looked on various BO2 sites and haven't seen a peep yet.

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          Re: Patch 1.05?

          I've been scanning sites daily, and still have yet to find any solid information.  This game could really use an update and soon, lots of people seem to be losing interest due to the many problems that have been listed. 


          The only info I could find is located at http://www.charlieintel.com/bo2-intel/updates-fixes/


          It has the below info listed for PS3/XBOX:



          • XBOX: Fix for issues where you get an error trying to access theatre mode – coming in the next update.
          • ALL: When joining games in progress, blood thristy medals do not count toward camo challenges.
          • ALL: Fix for when you use select fire and change the fire type, using a score streak resets fire type back to original.
          • ALL: Fix for issue where you get permanently Counter-UAV’d after a host migration.
          • PS3: Investigating why PS3 shuts off during game and investigating freezing issues.
          • ALL: Making tweaks to matchmaking and lag issues.
          • ALL: Investigating why CODTV does not record full games, only a few minutes of the game.
          • ALL: Working on the issues people are having with the spawns.
          • PS3: Continuing to investigate hard-freeze issues.
          • ALL: Looking into issue where there is unbalanced teams in many games (ex. 8 v 4, instead of 6v6).
          • ALL: Fix for searching for a public game sometimes results in joining a custom game.
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