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      Turn the power on/off four times after doing the EE. If any one can do that.

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          Is this because you have done it and something happens, or because you want someone else to test your theory?

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              Yeah I just wanted to throw this out there. I did a quick search on the forums to see if anybody came up with this or tried it and found nothing. Nobody has to do it but if you happen to have finished the EE up to what we know and happen to be in the power room could you give it a go?

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              i think hes sayn he hasnt done the EE this is easy so IMA TRY IT OUT.

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                Why four? Why not or 79?

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                    Just four no more but if you want to give it a try more times go ahead. I think four because doesn't he say something like reduce the power by a factor of four. Well if turning on/off the power maybe something turns off everytime we hit the switch that we can't see or only see after doing it. Maybe somebody can give this a go?

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                        That quote refers to the Richtofen side of ToB. This would have to be done directly after killing the zombies underneath the tower, before attempting to throw EMPs.


                        In any other context, it just wouldn't make sense.

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                          Thanx for joining the hunt, but the whole "reduce the power by a factor of four" is a step that is allready known,  when he says this, it is the last step before powering the tower for richtofen, and it means/what he wants is for 4 lamp posts to be EMP'ed ( all at once ).


                          Now heres my 2 cents. what about the posters at bus depot? the Power signs. They say"enjoy the power" and 3.0  in the corner. I think itmay mean round 30


                          So... I went back to bus depot at round 30+ with power on, and nothing different that I could find.

                          But what if it means enjoy the power at round 30, so we cant turn the power on UNTIL round 30 maybe?


                          One more side note, I watched the trailer again ( on Xbox) and wondering about the rank symbols and how they appear in the trailer. The next level rank appears as they move to each new location, They start at bus with bone, then diner with 2bone then farm with skull, power with knife and finally town with shotguns. If you "did" 10 rounds per stop you end up at power at round 30. See the potential connection?


                          Just theories

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                        throw an emp at the symbol in power, a door will shut by the symbol and shut down all of power.