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    Care packages with your emblem

      Just an idea I've had for a couple days that I need to spout out.  Yes, I know there are plenty of other issues to be fixed before trying to add more things...but this is just a 'creative idea' I had, that perhaps they could do later on down the road.




      Have your emblems show up on the side of your care packages you call in! 



      I just think it would be pretty cool, to call in your care package and see your emblem on it.  Not to mention think of all the little tricks you could do...IE stacking care packages with different emblems that coincide with another to make one big picture emblem using several care packages (in private lobby of course), etc.



      Thanks for taking the time to read and discuss if you like or think it's a stupid idea.



      P.S.  For all the threads I see that are anti-emblem or for people who may want to say, "But we all don't care to see a dolphin with a penis raping a dog on the side of a dropping care package", please keep in mind there is a way to go into your settings and turn off 'user created content' (which includes emblems) ingame.