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    Black OPS 3 New Campaign Mode

      Hey guys (and girls lol!), i have a really great idea for the campaign on Black ops 3. I remember the excitement of standing in line at Gamestop for the midnight release to get my Preorder with all the other Black Ops fans, getting posters, wearing Black ops 2 shirts, exchanging gamer tags and talking about what we all love about the game. We were all smiles as we each left the store with our hardened editions, care packages, posters and shirts. I rushed home and popped in the game and started the campaign since i always try to play the campaign before i do multiplayer and zombies. As soon as i popped the game in i started getting bombarded with game invites from all my other friends online who jumped on multiplayer to rank up and be ahead of everybody else unlocking guns and new kill streaks as well as people who wanted to do the eagerly awaited Tranzit Zombie map. Which leads me to an Epic idea for Black OPS 3. Wouldn't you love having a MULTIPLAYER CAMPAIGN mode? This would give you the ability to share the campaign experience with at least one your friends. 4 player campaign might be too easy unless its set to veteran, not sure.You would be able to work together to complete the campaign with at least one of your friends who has gotten to the same level of the campaign that you did. Work together to unlock trophies as well as talk over the headset during gameplay. New Types of trophies would be introduced just for multiplayer campaign mode.This doesn't mean you wont be able to play the campaign yourself like you always have. It just allows you to invite a friend. I think it would be awesome being able to play the campaign with a friend or even three friends. What do you guys think? EPIC!

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          Call of Duty: World at War has a co-op campaign with up to four players. The reason Black Ops and Back Ops II do not have a co-op campaign is because the stories were designed around one player, which allowed for a more compelling storyline.


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            You mean like what Respawn Entertainment are doing with Titanfall? Where there is no campaign, but the multiplayer mixes with some sort of a single player experience. Example: A cutscene tells you where you are why your at that certain location, then you do the objective through the multiplayer experience. Yes that would be a cool idea, but I like the campaigns like they are at the moment.