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    DLC shown, will we get it?

      saw the video, zombie map looks like its all inside of a tower, could be fun but will need to play to see.


      the maps have 1 that looks like a dam which except for water killing you, will probly play similarly to whats there now.  another is in a skatepark which will also probly be mostly CQC but still have a different playstile. 1 map similar to the old jamesbond games. with snow and those skikart things, also claims to be open and have the vantige points and large areas many maps dont. the last looks like a old chinese place not sure atall how it will play, but the maps are increaseing the veriety a little bit from looks, most dont seem to fall to far from CQC.  but do look like a improvement.



      eather way, will we get it.

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          Don't think so.

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              Never say never. The back of the box does say it supports add on content, and it probably wouldn't be hard for Treyarch to bring the maps over. With the Wii they would've had to put extra work in downgrading them to make them compatible, here they could probably just port them over.

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                  We know its not hard. But you never know, and are Activision and Nintendo still pissed at eachother?

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                      There was never anything to suggest that Nintendo and Activision were still pissed at each other in the first place. This rumour persisted because numerous people (myself included) spoke to both Nintedno and Activision customer services about the Black Ops Wii freezing issue, and neither company took responsibility and asked us to speak to the other.



                      There's never been a documented problem between both companies. Thy were happy to show off Black Ops 2 Wii U, do you think they'd do that if they were pissed at Nintendo?


                      We only got watered down ports previously because it was constraining and hard to port over the games to the Wii - a console half as powerful as the Xbox 360 for which the games are optimized for.



                      Frankly, I'm amazed we got any Call of Duty games on the Wii in the first place, but I'm pleased we did.

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                  I, for one, think we will get it.  Just a hunch.

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                    I don't know.  MW3 had better support than this game so far if that's anything to go buy.  It had 3 patches by this time.  One of which was huge.  We've only gotten a few tweaks here and there so far on this one.  They still don't even have all the control options there.  Heck we can't even get a list of the stuff they've fixed so far.  Everyone expected more support and better communication cause we finally have an HD console.  Instead everything got worse. 


                    So I'm guessing we won't get it.

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                      The only DLC i'm interested in is in the form of patches, so I can have my MW3 wiimote settings, fix the BS spawns and better connections. No more BS maps are needed at this stage so treyarch can stay on the money train. Thats just adding insult to injury.

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                        If it was easy to do wouldn't nuke town be dlc by now, will they wait and see if the cod community grows when I play there's never more than 4000 online