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    Black Ops 2 DLC  for the Wii U......

      I know there is concern that since our community is tiny compared to others that not enough will buy the dlc and then we'll have trouble getting into public matches but what if Treyarch did something proactive like ask the nintendo community to donate a certain number and if that number is ever met.....everyone on the wiiu who owns bo2 gets the FULL dlc.


      Treyarch needs to do something creative here and it doesnt have to be my idea above but it has to do something because if people aren't getting the full experience or something close to it then they will not be purchasing any future games. By giving a little...it will pay off in the future for both Treyarch and this community.


      I gave my idea....what about you guys?  What is a creative way for all to get dlc....

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