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    [XBOX] Death Sanction | Recruiting Players | Required 1.00+ K/D

      Death Sanction is once agan recruiting Call of Duty: Black Ops II players who will pariticipate in Clan Operations and Clan Challenges at least once per week. This time we are requiring you to have at least a 1.00 K/D or higher. It is also recommmended that you register on www.deathsanction.com once/if you have been accepted as an ELITE clan member.


      If you are accepted please do the following:

      Register on www.deathsanction.com

      Add Teenage Soldier as a friend on Xbox LIVE.

      Change your in game clan tag to 'DSC'.

      Review the competitions schedule here, so you are up to date on want clan events are upcoming.


      Clan Information:

      Clan Name: Death Sanction

      In-game Clan Tag: DSC

      ELITE Clan Tag : #DSC


      Black Ops II Clan Level: 10

      Current Members: 15+


      To apply simply click here.


      If you have any questions about the clan, please leave a post and I will respond as soon as possible.