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    Join Team OpTic Today!!

      Are you tired of clans telling you that your not good enough, that your K/D should be higher than 1.00 to even be looked at? Well here at Team OpTic We strive to give everyone who is interested in sniping a fair chance! Don’t know how? So what put in an application and we will train and test you on your skills! All we ask is that you are a repeating visitor on your clans site, and that you make full effort in attending your squads practices and team matches. One more thing, this clan is not just for snipers so anyone feel free to put in an application. To apply to the elite clan please browse for TeamOpTic on the C.O.D Elite site


      Also go to the clans webestie to become a basic member/recruit and to put in a basic training request and to fill out the application if you wanna join the Elite Clan.