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    Sorry iam Gonna make it to round 99

      hello u zombie killers( and noobs) sorry to distract u from ur EE hunt( even tho there is no 2nd route because knowing 1 rule of buissness-"in it for the money" and they would not put a route to another map as a free add-on to a already free map-hope u followed)


      But the new DLC MAP "REVOLUTION" as been Announce, with a video from the developers. Confirming the new zombie map, were its at and what we should be expecting. Now I know when Jan 29 comes, I will prob never play transit again( maby a few times) because I will be stuck on DIE RISE or even NUKETOWN so iam going to make my way to lvl 99 on TRANZIT SOLO(could go higher but people who played blackops1 will understand). NOW there is really no way in hell iam going to play non stop till I get to lvl 99 because I love my body 2 much but also love the idea of a video game of killing the undead. So iam going to use about 4 what u guys call "glitches"f( non mod, no extra add on, just the stupid lil glitches the game came with) and gonna make it to lvl 99 and end the game there. Right now the highest is about round 87 on solo TRANZIT and hope to pass it. Like I said the Glitches is in the game,ex: unlimited turbine and unbreakable shield. BUT DON’T WORRY, iam not just gonna sit there and have 1234kills and 0headshots and make it to lvl 78 like sum people.GONNA  GET ATLEAST 15K+ KILLS AND 10K+ HEADSHOTS, so imma put in work. And even tho technically I did not make it 100% to round 99, and some people will say I cheated, think about this, U cant pause the game of zombies with other people but u can in SOLO. Well I consider using the pause in SOLO CHEATING because u cant do that when u play with other people. I understand thats a Fu#ked up logic but Fu#k it. Now i was nice enough to not do this until the new map pack came out for the sake of other people that want to make it far the old fashion but looking at the leader board only cheaters are at the TOP. ALSO i got a STRATEGY using the simple glitches to help me get thru the round a lil eazy er .... ill put up video and i bet its still gonna take me like 10 hours so imma start early.


      thanks and wat do uall think?? uall have any problems