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      I am the Leader of the USMARINE clan.  Our clan was the second Marine clan to join elite. We were unable to use the tag USMC do to thefact it was already chosen. Our clan chose U$MC (special Character $). Was fine until BLK OPs picked up Elite. Issue with Clan sent to support......almost 2 months now since I sent Support my first complaint.  I have also sent several emails regarding this. I was told that programmers are working on" THE SPECIAL CHARACTER " issue. I feel very unsatisfied with my whole Blk Ops experience to date.  HARD CORE CLAN OPS? ?????? SUPPORT SUCKS!

      Service for the game excessively




      . Rewards for clan XP  poor almost nonexistent. Prestige is a joke! Many gamers have already achieved "PRESTIGE MASTER" ! I myself can't wait for MW4! BLK OPS 2 is a FLOP!


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