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    I refuse to give up!!!


      I've played every COD multiplayer since Modern Warfare and I have to say that BO2 is by far the worst as it relates to connections. I know this is nothing new to the veteran posters but this seems to be the only place where WE the gamers can vent and share concerns. I absolutely love this game when the connections are good. I like the custom classes, the weapons, the score streaks, and the game modes.


      I am very surprised that NONE of the leadership involved with the design, development, and production of this game has yet to acknowledge the elephant in the room (CONNECTION).


      I am an optimist and really believe that they will correct this. I just wish that they would say something, anything, to give the diehards like myself some hope.


      I'm no fanboy and will not praise this franchise for something that they, and they alone, are responsible for. I'm just saying that I'm not ready to give up...YET!!!


      Thank you for your time.