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    When is Treyarch going to address BOPS2 functional issues?

      I'm working on a list of stuff right now that I need your help filling out...Here are some issues that I believe are still detrimental to game and continue to keep the original Black Ops at the top of the list under "Best Game" due to it's smallest list of "bugs".  Here's my TOP 10 List of ISSUES that still need to be addressed:


      Treyarch, when are you going to:


      1. Treat Hardcore players as equals?  We want to play Domination, Hardpoint, etc...Please add these games ASAP!

      2. Fix matchmaking...We are constantly being thrown out of lobbies, sent to lobbies alone withour our team mates, dropped from games...Please fix this so we can actually play more than 3 games in a row without having to restart connections

      3. Fix the sound issues - Can't hear eachother in lobbies, in game constantly...This is major and should be a fundamental priority for multi-player!

      4. Select the host with the most?  Why does the game constantly give the host to people with terrible connections?  Your search preferences (ie. best, normal, etc.) doesn't seem to work, so why is it in there?  When I host a lobby in the mid-west, my clan members in California have terrible connections...When did this become explicity geographical?

      5. Fix Reconnecting to Party? Why is this even in the game if it DOESN'T EVEN WORK?  It never reconnects to party, you have to sit while that message is displayed for 30 seconds or more?

      6. Fix the Friends list...you addressed it in Elite clan, why do I have to constantly jump around and try and select friends, only to then be on someone else?  This constant refresh and resort is TERRIBLE and makes pulling a party together frustrating and difficult...There is no reason to have it constantly refresh like it does...Fix this please!

      7. Address the LAG?  It's still worse than MW3 and Black Ops...If you get in a room with the other team hosting, you can count on being 1/2 second behind and the parity is gone...Make this fair, distribute the lag across the teams and give both teams equal opportunity!

      8. Fix Joining party?  Why does it kick me out to the main menu, MW3 and Black Ops didn't do that?  It's a pain to have to wait and then jump back into game to try and connect with your clan...This should be immediate and if you can't join, don't kick out to the main menu...

      9. Fix Codcasting...We tried to host a Clan Tournament last week and while COD Casting, the game froze, kicked players out, kicked hosts out, etc. constantly...We ultimately had to finish the tournament with COD Casting turned off and could not record games...Had to host as spectators to get through an entire game...This is a great idea, but IT DOESN'T WORK!

      10. Increase the blast radius on C4 and decrease it for Claymores?  Have you played games in both Core and Hardcore?  Doesn't it strike you as odd that claymores kill in CORE and C4 doesn't?  There are still some balancing issues with non guns you have not addressed yet including grenades, rockets, etc...


      And while I know this is not you, when is Elite going to work and when are you going to have Hardcore Operations and Challenges?  How can a hardcore clan rank up when there are virtually NO HARDCORE events???  Couple that with the fact that Elite is constantly down, doesn't get updated in even close to real time, you have no idea whether you are on target to get full points in Ops and Challenges, because the leaderboards are always broken during the event?  Why can't they get this working?