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      You`ll all remember this guy from bo1 and mw3 , the little squeaking hacker who used to post youtube videos using redbox - the guy who used to call in pavelows or dogs, after 1 kill !


      Well ive seen him a few times on BO2 - and the guy REALLY sucks. Played him last night, and he was going full noob mode, smg/lasersight/ghost - and he went 2-23. I thought he was trolling, so I stuck in the lobby, and the scores were consistently bad - so I checked his stats - the guy has like a 0.3kdr, and he absolutely sucks nads - trolololololololololololol


      I left as soon as he was on my team, coz im not carrying a useless former hacker


      Nice one plaza, no fun when you dont cheat is it - im betting he`ll be back on the wii before the end of this month coz he cant use his new xmas present very well


      Here`s what he used to do


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