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    The latest CoD sucks compared to previous ones!!!... but does it really? Lets get some perspective

      Hi all me again. Im making this thread because I have been lurking on these forums for a while. and I am seeing a pattern here with every game release. and its not just this community that does it either. Every game release You see the same exact things said. This game is bad, the past ones were better. But is that really true? (btw I hope someone reads all this... just one person! you know how long its taking!?!? im just finishing MW2!... finished BO... 0.0' no ones gonna read this lol)


      (Before you start, These are not all my opinions, these come from you, the community and do not post till I am done adding these... not surprising but it seems to be too long for a single post)

      Lets take a look at past CoDs.


      Call of duty 3. This was a great game imo... but it had its share of issues. these are the issues/praises the community has had with it. (feel free to mention the ones i forget)


      Community complaints:


      Lag/lag comp/freezing issues/connection problems. lag problems existed back then too. but imo it was worse


      Glitches EVERYWHERE!!!. There were glitches everywhere in this game. There was at the very least 2 ways out of the maps on every map. Snipers could have infinite and immediate breath hold upon scope in (huge advantage!). Reload glitch (they never have to reload).


      drop shotters (remember that dude with the LMG who auto dropped from standing to spraying on the ground instantly?)


      Team greifing. This game saw a level of griefing that most games dont see this day. In this day players get kicked for causing trouble. But in CoD 3, there was a nifty little class called the medic. now the medic could shoot you with his shotty and down you do. he picks you up... shoots you again. it never ends unless he gets bored, an enemy happens uppon you, or one of your other teammates TK's him.


      Hackers, players with invicibility/infi health, infi ammo, aim bots and so on.


      spawns..... okay honestly i dont remember too much about spawns...


      Rage quiters: and so... it begins.


      To be honest i cant really remember the praises much either XD XD beyond the fact that I had fun in it. OH! thought of one... it brought a playable multiplayer to the cod series. (... i have a nagging feeling im wrong... i think the second one had multiplayer... but not sure)

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          Re: The latest CoD sucks compared to previous ones!!!... but does it really? Lets get some perspective

          (CoD 4 would let me post the infor about it probably cause it was too long)


          Call of duty 5 World at War. This was one of my favorite games in the CoD series. This one went back to the WW2 story and I was fine with it, reason being is that I like the WW2 setting. The guns were fun to use (KAR98!!!! BOLT ONLY!). but it was not without its flaws.


          Call of duty WaW was a fun game. I had tons of fun using the PPSH with a round drum or the Kar98 bolt. It continued the 3 kill streak idea but changed the last one to dogs (which everyone has to admit is fun whether they work perfect or not). This game was slower paced then MW. but again, thats not really a bad thing. The bigger maps slowed down the action a small bit, but brought a better sense of scale to the battle, with tanks driving around, drarting from building to building trying to avoid that sniper you KNOW is out there, making a mad dash through the field at the tank with some explosives.


          That wasnt all they did. They brought their own awesome piece to the CoD community. Zombies. Who doesnt like shooting endless waves of zombies!?!


          Community complaints:

          Lag/ lag comp/ freezing issues: Big surprise huh... yep still considered a major issue by the community.


          Glitches: These glitches are the normal variety for example being able to get under the map in certain places. this was probably the worst CoD game map wise due to the glitches.






          Elevator glitch on Cliffside


          Drop shotters and quicksopes:  While I dont remember Quickscoping in this game, Im going to assume it was there. But i know for a fact that dropshotting was alive and well.


          Campers: campers in this game were just as strong as in CoD4 but were getting more attention and hate now as the community grows.


          Hackers: again I dont think I ran into any "Hackers" until after the games lifespan.


          Overpowered:  Ready for Round 2? In this corner we have the MP40!!!!! and in the other we have the infamous.... JUGGERNAUT!.... and in the next corner we have the M1A1!!!!!!... and in the next corner we have the all mighty PPSH!! Followed by the dominat MG42! And in the corner across from that is the god like STG!!!!! and in the next... wait a sec... how many corners are there!?!?!


          Boosters/prestige hackers: SSDC... Same *stuff* different cod.


          Spawns: I dont remember spawns being a horrible thing in this game. I think that was due to the size of the maps. larger maps = more room to spawn = less chances of spawning near an enemy. doesnt mean I didnt see spawn deaths or spawn trapping.


          Rage quitters: They were here too.


          Modded controllers: This is where you start seeing the modded controllers pop up. Thing is people can do what most mods can do anyways. no i dont mean we can fire just as fast but we can get close enough to where a mod is a waste of money.

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            Re: The latest CoD sucks compared to previous ones!!!... but does it really? Lets get some perspective

            Every one of them had issues.  But the guns fights worked until BO and MW3.

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              Re: The latest CoD sucks compared to previous ones!!!... but does it really? Lets get some perspective

              For what you've got so far I remember them the exact same way. Good 1/2 post.

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