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    The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

      Okay so I am remaking this thread so that way It can be better organized. Due to the length of this thread I will have to make multiple posts to get it on here. I ask that you all do not post until I have posted all the sections (sections are CoD3-BO2) (and to the mods i hope this isnt breaking any Rules, I want the other thread to die and this one to live. just hope im not getting this thread deleted for being too dam long forcing me to post multiple times) here we go... V2


      Hi all  me again. Im making this thread because I have been lurking on these forums for a while. and I am seeing a pattern here with every game release. and its not just this community that does it either. Every game release You see the same exact things said. This game is bad, the past ones were better. But is that really true? (btw I hope someone reads all this... just one person! you know how long its taking!?!? im just finishing MW2!... finished BO... 0.0' no ones gonna read this lol)


      (Before you start, These are not all my opinions, these come from you, the community)


      Lets take a look at past CoDs.


      Call of duty 3. This was a great game imo... but it had its share of issues. these are the issues/praises the community has had with it. (feel free to mention the ones i forget)


      Community complaints:


      Lag/lag comp/freezing issues/connection problems. lag problems existed back then too. but imo it was worse


      Glitches EVERYWHERE!!!. There were glitches everywhere in this game. There was at the very least 2 ways out of the maps on every map. Snipers could have infinite and immediate breath hold upon scope in (huge advantage!). Reload glitch (they never have to reload).


      drop shotters (remember that dude with the LMG who auto dropped from standing to spraying on the ground instantly?)


      Team greifing: This game saw a level of griefing that most games dont see this day. In this day players get kicked for causing trouble. But in CoD 3, there was a nifty little class called the medic. now the medic could shoot you with his shotty and down you do. he picks you up... shoots you again. it never ends unless he gets bored, an enemy happens uppon you, or one of your other teammates TK's him.


      Hackers: players with invicibility/infi health, infi ammo, aim bots and so on.


      spawns: okay honestly i dont remember too much about spawns...


      Rage quiters: and so... it begins.


      To be honest i cant really remember the praises much either XD XD beyond the fact that I had fun in it. OH! thought of one... it brought a playable multiplayer to the cod series. (... i have a nagging feeling im wrong... i think the second one had multiplayer... but not sure)

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          1. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

          Call of duty 4 (part 1) Now, if there is a fan favorite amongst the community it is this game. I personally dont share that opinion. While still a great game in the end. it had its issues.




          CoD 4 brought to us the create a class system and introduced perks, weapons, and attachments. It brought us kill streaks. It also took the Call of Duty series out of the WW2 setting. and the final thing it did, was reduce the size of the maps. Think about it, the maps in Cod 4 are actually fairly small compared to the rest of the cods. But this was a good thing. This made the games faster paced. The gaming community found that it rather enjoyed the frenzied pace. This was the game where the player base recieved a huge jump. As such I like many, consider it to be the True birth place of CoD online play.


          Community complaints:


          Lag problems/lag comp: This is going to be a major problem with ALL of them. Just as it is with ALL games and before you start ranting I have 2 things to say. 1: for the group about to say "If i play CoD 4 right now, i will have no issues"... OFCOURSE you might not. that game has been around for how long? and has had how many patches, tweaks and fine tunings done to it?


          Glitches: Not nearly as many as the previous game. but they still existed. Im going to give you a list of some of the glitches found in this game. I wont give descriptions on how to do them tho everyone probably already knows


          Crossfire Glitch: This glitch consists on walking in the sky in Crossfire.


          Pipeline wall Glitch: glitch into one of the walls


          Last Stand Grenade Glitch: Have a grenade in hand when in last stand


          Last Stand Primary Glitch: Have Your Primary weapon as your last stand weapon.


          Airborne Challenge Glitch: A glitch on the map crash that makes you fall forever thus allowing you to easily complete the challenge.


          Dropshotters and quickscopers: enter the stage here.


          Team griefing: yes it existed here too. was called hardcore and i have a tube/launcher . question how many people are glad that spawn tubing is gone?


          Campers: yessssss! thats right they existed back then! I know, i was one of em . Im not saying all I did was camp, but i was not hesitant to. I could run N gun but i was more of a cautious player.


          Hackers: nope no hackers until the end of its life span (life span = support from the devs... which is to say a short time after the launch of the next title). or atleast I dont remember them.


          Overpowered weapons: (and thus... it begins). Haha this one has been a major button of the community in every single cod. Anyone remember what guns were considered OP in that game? I remember one specifically, the M16. I think with the M16 one burst was all it took in most cases. The Mp5 and G36 were also considered OP. there were plenty more i just cant recall them im sure someone out there will point them out


          EDIT: wont be posting part 2 of this one because it keeps saying content not allowed for some reason.

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            2. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

            Call of duty 5 World at War. This was one of my favorite games in the CoD series. This one went back to the WW2 story and I was fine with it, reason being is that I like the WW2 setting. The guns were fun to use (KAR98!!!! BOLT ONLY!). but it was not without its flaws.



            Call of duty WaW was a fun game. I had tons of fun using the PPSH with a round drum or the Kar98 bolt. It continued the 3 kill streak idea but changed the last one to dogs (which everyone has to admit is fun whether they work perfect or not). This game was slower paced then MW. but again, thats not really a bad thing. The bigger maps slowed down the action a small bit, but brought a better sense of scale to the battle, with tanks driving around, drarting from building to building trying to avoid that sniper you KNOW is out there, making a mad dash through the field at the tank with some explosives. That wasnt all they did. They brought their own awesome piece to the CoD community. Zombies. Who doesnt like shooting endless waves of zombies!?!


            Community complaints:


            Lag/ lag comp/ freezing issues: Big surprise huh... yep still considered a major issue by the community.


            Glitches: These glitches are the normal variety for example being able to get under the map in certain places. this was probably the worst CoD game map wise due to the glitches.






            Elevator glitch on Cliffside


            Drop shotters and quicksopes:  While I dont remember Quickscoping in this game, Im going to assume it was there. But i know for a fact that dropshotting was alive and well.


            Campers: campers in this game were just as strong as in CoD4 but were getting more attention and hate now as the community grows.


            Hackers: again I dont think I ran into any "Hackers" until after the games lifespan.


            Overpowered:  Ready for Round 2? In this corner we have the MP40!!!!! and in the other we have the infamous.... JUGGERNAUT!.... and in the next corner we have the M1A1!!!!!!... and in the next corner we have the all mighty PPSH!! Followed by the dominat MG42! And in the corner across from that is the god like STG!!!!! and in the next... wait a sec... how many corners are there!?!?!


            Boosters/prestige hackers: SSDC... Same *stuff* different cod.


            Spawns: I dont remember spawns being a horrible thing in this game. I think that was due to the size of the maps. larger maps = more room to spawn = less chances of spawning near an enemy. doesnt mean I didnt see spawn deaths or spawn trapping.


            Rage quitters: They were here too.


            Modded controllers: This is where you start seeing the modded controllers pop up. Thing is people can do what most mods can do anyways. no i dont mean we can fire just as fast but we can get close enough to where a mod is a waste of money.

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              3. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

              Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2 (part 1) If any game could be hated for all the problems it had, it would be this game. I hold very little love for MBS 2.




              MW2 brought to the CoD community the ability to pick your own kill streak... thats about all the praise i can muster from it. if you have praise for it by all means post about it....  I thought of something to add. I did enjoy the maps.... except for rust... that map can burn!


              Community Complaints:


              Lag/Lag comp/ hit detection/ connection issues: This is the point in the CoD series where a number of "problems" are getting exopsure. Lag is and always will be a problem.


              Glitches/hacks: Now this game has had more problems of this variety then i have seen in any cod since 3. Does anyone remember the carepackage glitching days? where a guy on the enemy team would get one care package and there went the game. This was also the first CoD game where I actively encountered hackers/ glitchers. (hackers came in later during the first DLC)


              to list some of the glitches/hacks:


              Care package: Infinite care packages


              Emergency air drop: Infinite E-Drops


              AC130 care packages: all care packages will be AC130's


              javelin missle glitch (player explodes when dies)


              Aim bot: a hack used to aim for the player.

              wall hacks: Ability to see enemies through walls


              Chat hacks: other team could hear you all game long


              Wall glitches


              Prestige hack


              Claymores: I bring this up because I love claymores, they are so fun to use. think about it, your running along, you hear a *Click* and at this point you have just enough time to think of some kind of profanity before you go *Boom*  but in MW2, it was you hear a click and you ignore that click because all you need to do is keep running.

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                4. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

                (Part 2)


                Grenade launchers *a.k.a Noob Tubes*: This became a serious problem in MW2 with entire teams doing nothing but camping with one man army and tubes on. Not only was it so easy anyone could do it, you had infinite ammo AND as an added bonus Danger close, why not make your easy kill even easier .


                Death Streaks: its funny ya know, people say Treyarch is playing it upto the noobs making the game easier. but they didnt introduce a crutch for the poor players and a huge annoyance for the good players. I understand its to help the poor players have more fun. But that comes at the cost of seriously annoying the hell out of the good players, to have their fun ruined by a guy because had on dead mans hand. atleast with last stand he might miss his shots that he gets to fire AS hes teleporting to the floor. if im close and he had dead mans im fubar.


                Campers: here is where the complaints about camping becoming worse start flying in. just as with the lag and all the other stuff. main reason for the increase in complaints about camping in this game... danger close, tubes, oma.... need we say more?


                Dropshotters and quickscopers: MW2 is the game where alot of people started getting into the cod series. I consider it to be the point where dropshoting and quickscoping gained a large fan base and became more widely used.


                Overpowered crap : So for this game we have a few to choose from! Theres the M16, The Famas, ACR, AK47, FAL, P90, UMP45, Intervention, RPD, M240 and so on. Basically every single weapon in that game is considered OP by one person or another... the same in any game really.This was the game where people really started to gripe and complain over what the other person was using. So much so that my friends and I started asking people what class they want us to beat them with.

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                  5. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

                  Call Of Duty Black Ops. This one is one of my all time favorite games. But that doesnt mean it was perfect.




                  Call of duty Black Ops brought to us the theater system. they brought a new iconic KS to the table... The black bird. and brought back Zombies. To the competitive side of the gaming community Bo was one of the funnest games to compete on.


                  Community Complaints:


                  Lag problems: once again lag is here. But now for the first time we have the theater system. and since then Theater system has been used for many montages and proof videos of this and that. This is one of the main reasons everyone has the impression lag has increased. in reality it hasnt. its the same BS it has been in past games and always will be. Thing is You only see people complaining about lag. You never see the other side of it because people dont generally come on here and post about how they DIDNT see hit marker bs or lag comp. Why dont you see them post? because they are to busy playing the game. (this is my opinion)


                  My point is this, the only thing that has changed is the amount of exposure the problem has got. For those of you who still say your getting lag comp... is it really All game, Every game, All deaths and kills? Because that is how most of the community makes it sound. I dont know about you but i can stand having BS deaths. Hell i consider a fair bit of my deaths due to some kind of crap, but that happens in every game not just CoD.


                  Glitches/hacks:  I honestly dont remember any glitches from this game. I know there were some but most were in zombies. But it still had to have had the usual Suspect glitches, getting out of the map and such. I do know that Theater and Kill cams were not perfect. Kill cams have always been a little bit untrustworthy since they were added to the cod series and that makes me suspicsious of theater mode. For those of you who have read this far, If you remember any glitches/exploits that became a problem post it.

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                    6. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

                    Campers: Its my opinion that Campers had their greatest time in MW2 and BO 1. The gameplay on average was slower In BO 1 giving it a slight campity feeling. This was a period where I got back into Gamebattles (played on and off since CoD 3). I formed a Dubs team and we decided to play HC TDM. and man if that aint a campers game lmao. We were not afraid to out wait you  even if that took 90 minutes of doing nothing but singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and sending random messages to the enemy. And we were good at it for the most part. all in all we player 175 matches and lost 45 of them.


                    (I have a point behind mentioning this stuff)


                    At first we got destroyed by teams trying to run around like we did in pubs. In Gamebattles the Win is what your after. So most teams play it safe, they camp the second the get the lead. and if they are camping from the get go and you walk into their trap you die. So we had to make adjustments. We started moving slower. But still we struggled. So we adjusted further and adopted a Hunters style. it was around loss 25 that we began this and we saw immediate results. Its simple we simply moved far slower, didnt make any noise or do anything that would give us away and we always traveled together. If a camper kills you, your team mate gets him. at around 80 or so wins we started actively hunting the entire game whether they were run n gun or campers. it made no difference now. I wouldnt call it Run N gun seeing as how we basically crouched everywhere and we moved slowly (had to check corners).


                    Campers will be in every game. and they will be able to be dealt with in the same way in every game. You deal with the the exact same way you deal with any other player. out think them. Now In Gamebattles matches thats both easier and harder. Its easier because the enemy tends to be in the same location or have solid routines that stand out, but in pubs the match is usually shifting (unless you have a team of campers) from one side to the next due to spawn flips. Its harder because there is the stress to win.


                    Dropshotters and quickscopers:  If i remember correctly Quickscoping was very difficult in this game and wasnt seen too much. Dropshotting was still alive and well.


                    Overpowered crap : Bo 1 has just as many weapons and persk thats considered OP by someone somewhere... which is to say all of them. But more specifically we have Ghost, AK74U, SPECTRE, SKORPION, FAMAS, AUG, G11, COMMANDO, SPAS-12, M60, L96A1.


                    Rage quiters: People will always rage quit when they are not the one winning.



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                      7. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

                      Yes this latest one does suck. Yes there were issues with past titles as well. But everything pales in comparison to Black ops 2. People always complained about lag in past titles but not to the degree with Black ops 2.


                      COD 3 was a horrible game but i loved it for what it was. It had its issues but it is where i learned how to play FPS and it will always be my favorite.


                      COD4 and World at war were indetical games except for content. These games were the best in the franchise for online play and nothing will ever compare to them again.


                      MW2 is where the true complainers started and rightfully so. There were many issues in terms of unbalancing and hacking. But the overall game play and connection were superb.


                      Black ops is where these connection issues started but again overall a very well balanced game.


                      MW3, imo has been the best COD since MW2. But i have always been on the good end of connection in that game and never had much to complain about.


                      Black ops 2 is currently the worst online FPS in COD history. They took weapons balancing and just threw it out the window, Took online mathcmaking for good connection in the oposite direction of where it was suppose to go. there is a genuine issue in black ops that is not fixable with any update and was just a bad design of a game. To bad because this game HAD huge potential.

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                        8. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

                        this is really starting to annoy. The forums seem really glitched because it keeps saying "sorry you are attempting to post content that is not allowed" now, its not the length, and i can see nothing different from this crap then the other stuff i have posted can someone help me here?


                        at this point i have to actually go through each paragrah and delete it and then try to post it and see if it will then. THIS IS BS.


                        figured it out....it dont like the word






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                          9. Re: The latest call of duty sucks, the previous ones were better.... but is this really true? lets get some perspective (Version 2)

                          Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.  This game had a ton of hype about it before the release. Like most cods releases this is the hope everyone has been waiting for to liberate them from the horrors that are the previous cod.



                          .... ill leave this one upto you all  im at a loss as to what i can praise


                          Community Complaints:


                          Lag/lag comp: NO! It cant be! its impossible!... that lag comp is the root of all evil. once again the lag comp in this newest addition to the CoD franchise has taken a terrible turn for the worst. According to the population, like last game the lag makes the game unplayable. This was my experience with lag in MW3.


                          For pretty much the entirety of MW3 i had to struggle game from game feeling a bit gimped by connection. But Im a realistic player. It cant all be lag difference can it? I was a sniper in face off when we got aground as the map. To be clear, I do not quick scope. atleast not by the definition most go by. I still scope in, I see you, I put my crosshairs on you, I fire. I do that fairly fast and I do it while strafing. Most of the time as soon as I pull the trigger im already moving behind cover to avoid their shot incase i missed. Now this all happens really fast in the blink of an eye. and a fair bit of the time I would miss and my brain would shoot off a warning going "wait a sec... that should have been a hit" in my minds judgment of all that was goin on.


                          For a while I figured that those misses were due to me being hasty. And then I started getting host. And simply put, i stoped missing. Period. didnt matter how fast i tried to kill you infact i found that i could increase the speed at which i sniped people (still aiming just doing it faster, more like snap shotting once i see you in the scope). Lag comp? that depends on what you believe lag comp is doing. yea its kind of BS but I typically just deal with it. because usually for every 1 BS death i get 2-3 more kills.


                          Glitches: This game like all the others was not glitch free. some of the ones from this game are. Now as far as glitching goes, I have to say, this is a massive improvement from where games were a decade ago. A decade ago we all accepted glitches and all that when it came with the game because thats the way it is in the gaming world. It comes with the territory.


                          super sniper lunge


                          Invisible Claymore Glitch


                          Akimbo Pistols Glitch


                          Prestige hack


                          out of map glitches

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