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    Has this happened to you? LOL!!!


      I love these lobbies. It happened to me yesterday. Myself and 3 other clan mates got into Slums at the the end of Round 1 of 2 on HC CTF. The guys on the other team spawn trapped the previous team and they quit. The other team was just gloating and yucking it up about how bad we sucked (even though we just got into the game). Anyway, the next round started and it was still 4 on 6, my boys and I just went to work on these guys. We knew that if we won we would have to go to OT so we saved all our score streaks. I knew I was doing pretty good but as soon as I capped the last flag of the round I saw in the corner of my screen (K9 then Swarm). My boys and I didn't say anything but good round to the other team. The OT round started and I had to wait the 15 or so seconds then I unleashed the dogs. We got the flag in about 2 min. The other team started talking trash and gloating that they had plenty of time to win. Now we are on the last OT round, I'm still on a pretty good streak, I wait the 15 seconds and release the Swarm. Every time they got killed they were screaming "Cheater" "F**** Camper" etc... 30 seconds left and I got a Stealth Chopper...That's when it really hit the fan...After the match and we won, the other team started crying about how we camped and cheated yet I had 4 captures but I was camping the whole time...LOL!!! We just started laughing and making baby noises at them and then we called them an Waaaambulance then they left. LOL!!!


      I'm not trying to brag, we have lost many a match, I'm just saying that sometimes your mouth can't back up your game so be an A$$HOLE!!!