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    Black ops 2 Zombies 2nd bus

           Tranzit 2nd bus


      Okay every one is still wondering about the 2nd bus. Me and my mate where on for 3 Hours looking for any evidence i looked in some of the folers and found that there was a file for the bus driver he says there is a new way around the map.


      Who thinks there is a second bus and if they have got it I think most of us would like to know how.


      I have tryed pushing [] Or X for Xbox users On the clocks to change the time for the bus still cant get it to work.


      Well if anyone know any ideas or knows how to do it please tell us all.


      ( This part is about some evidence for the next easter egg for Die rise )


      I have been digging in some of the old WAW Folders ( World at war ) And i found a logo with the Tower on and a nuke with Group 106 Not the original group

      And i know that on the green run. At the end of the easter egg a nuke comes down from the tower.  On the picture there is two towers so Die rise must have the second one.

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          Re: Black ops 2 Zombies 2nd bus

          I really want there to be a 2nd bus, it would be so cool.

          But I can't help feel that by this time it would have been found, with all the thousands of EE hunters, I don't think it exists.


          But then again, why do 3arch makes so many hints and clues towards it, UNFAIR TEASING .


          Also, what the hell does the "Stop Rus" sign mean at depot

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            Re: Black ops 2 Zombies 2nd bus

            There are clocks, and if u look at the bus map u can see the 2 bus routes( A and B) If u look at the time on the map u can look at the clocks then and see wat time it is. Now if ufinish the nav card table wich i would tell u how to build it if u don't know how to, and if u finish the navcard table and put in the nav card the bus driver known as Ted, will say this quote "New route learned" And i belive at the bus depot the Nuketown bus will fly down and u can ride it and it'll take you to nuketown and then i belive that would be the second bus, Another thing is that, the nuketown bus and the tranzit bus look kinda alike except for the color. The nuketown bus has like the same rounded shape in the back just like the bus in tranzit. When u spawn inside the bus depot you will see the quik revive perk and just look near it then up you will see a sign that say 'Ride the bus". But i think i can figure out where to search for the 2nd bus, If i put some puzzles together i can figure out where it is, and some youtube video showed the second bus, and that's another puzzle that i have to put together as well.

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              Re: Black ops 2 Zombies 2nd bus

              im slowly getting tired of explaining that it was planned to have another route but never implemented into the game. -_-   how hard is it to just search to see if people already talked about this.

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