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    do you guys miss earning pro perks?


      I thought getting rid of it was a good idea but after playing for a few months I miss hearing your perks.

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          Creates less boosting, so not really.

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            Not really considering that you already have Pro perks from the start, jus have to unlock them. Ans i would much rather it that way. Positive side you wildcard and get 2 perks in on class which is a bonus.

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              I actually do. I never liked the idea of getting rid of them. You basically have a lot of useless perks now. I miss having that extra umph, when leveling up. Something more to work for. As of now, Treyarch is pandering to people and kids who don't want a challenge. I didn't much mind the way they had it Black Ops. Though apparently a lot of kids I guarantee complained and Vahn had to apologize for trying to lake the kids/weaklings better.

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                  Totally agree with ChestSplittah, was just that extra something to work towards. I will happily admit I used ghost most of the time but getting that sentry gun destroy was a pain in the arse until I relised, just equip it and throw it in the enemy spawn. For me marathon pro was key and getting those flag caps was soul destroying yet, when I got them I felt I'd actually worked for something( 8 prestiges I got pro for , almost cried once) then realised hacker was infinatly better for me to use and never looked back. But yeah I liked the pro perks.( still have cap the flag flash backs mind)

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                      Flak Jacket, Me: I've got the bomb... I'm planting this flippin bomb! Those were awesome times. People whined because they had to play the objective to get the upgrade. There was a challenge to leveling up. Vahn didn't want to run off a following he had acquired. Now you have even more useless perks than what was in Black Ops.

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                    If some are prestige glitching, then I can only imagine that most could careless about working hard to unlock pro-perks. In the past, many have expressed their frustration with unlocking marathon pro. I'm sure many have had issues with doing so. I have as well. Personally, I love the way they designed the perk system in Black Ops 2 and hope it's the same way in the next game. It takes away from doing extra work, yes, but keep in mind of the work we can already/must do:


                    1. Prestige to max.

                    2. Unlock all calling cards (Challenges, etc)

                    3. Weapon camos/ Diamond camo

                    4. Prestiging each and every weapon twice and reaching it's max level. For most weapons, this can be extremely time consuming.

                    5. Unlocking all Create-A-Class options through prestiging.

                    6. Challenges for most game modes (Domination Master, Hardpoint Master, Kill-Confirm Master, etc), which can be extremely time consuming if you're not really into a few of the objective games.

                    7. The list goes on, assuming all have not already been mentioned.


                    We already have a lot to do as is, in my opinion. If the lack of pro-perks bother you that much, think of it this way, if they brought pro perks back, that would mean we'd have to obtain them throughout each prestige over and over again just as we had to in the previous games, which can be extremely annoying.


                    Be happy.

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                      i see nothing wrong with still being able to stack them but have pro versions as well. maybe make it so you can't stack pros in the same class? i dunno. would add a bit more variety, though.


                      not adding a feature because it will be boosted for.. well, that would basically mean never adding anything again.