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    Pistols in Black Ops 2 why are they so powerful?

      Im genuinely confused by this because treyarch had brilliant gun  balance in black ops 1 I never came across an overpowered weapon that made me feel totally outclassed there where definitely stronger weapons in each class but nothing majorly so but in black ops 2 I find the weapon balance to be a little iffy the snipers are just silly they might as well have put a magnet on the end of each snipers barrel thats attracted to enemy players since they made the auto aim so damn strong quick scoping now so easy ray charles can do it but on to the matter at hand.


      Recently I have noticed a lot and I mean ALOT of people running pistol only classes I assume youtube has a hand in the huge increase in numbers over the last few days. Now the pistols have always been very very powerful down right scarily so but you didnt see many of them about apart from the quickscoping idiots who run them as secondaries however now people are running them as primaries and their power is showing to an obscene degree.


      the five/seven is arguably the weakest of the pistols apart from the down right laughable executioner and yet it dropped me in 2 shots from one end of the walkway on express to the other and continued to do so for the rest of the match, I even pre aimed pre fired and head glitched my way to death against a strafing loon and a pistol that for some unknown reason did more damage per bullet it seems than the smr or fal.


      Why on earth did the developers decide to create monster pistols like the kap 40 the most powerful smg in the game and the b233r the better than any assualt rifle in the game the five seven is marginally weaker and yet still out performs a scar at medium range didnt they learn from the fmg9s how much the community hates over powered secondaries at least the community outside of douchebags did


      what are your thoughts on the pistols? have you noticed an uprise in these people running pistol only classes? and what happend to treyarchs weekly patches for over powered or under powered weapons this needs fixed and yet command central is strangely quiet

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