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    playing solo on kc sucks lol

      I always get on teams that don't pick tags up or most of them are sniping.

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          Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

          Yep.  It can get frustrating.


          It also lends to high scoring games, though.  If your teammates aren't picking up tags, it's your job to do it for them.  I've had games where I've picked up 50+ tags and still lost by double digits.


          Here's a simple equation to find out if you're contributing positively to your team:


          Confirms + Denies - Deaths = X

          If X is positive, you're helping your team.

          If X is negative, you're not helping your team.


          (one can argue that if you end the game 20-5, with 0 confirms, 0 denies, you're helping your team.  You're not.  Of those 20 tags you put out there, probably half of them were denied.  The other half, your teammates had to pick up, and were probably killed doing so.)


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            Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

            That's funny since my games seem to be the opposite. I wind up on teams where teammates dolphin dive in front of me to take the tags of the guy I just killed.


            What cracks me up the most is they are doing it to get their uav and care package, and they still wind up on the bottom of the scoreboard with 3 times as many confirms as kills and a stupid ampunt of deaths.


            Even playing with the same randoms, they still do it and slow down my path to agr, stealth, and dogs. There are plenty of tags I give away for free from my streaks.

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              Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

              In games I join KC. Sometimes my team mates always steal my tags and end up getting killed during the process. I still manage to get to my high scorestreaks but when I get kills with those scorestreaks, they suddenly stop collecting them. I just don't know how they function.

              At other games, my team mates leave the tags which I take which in turn, gets me to my high scorestreaks. (Lodestar, dogs, swarm, etc.). And that's the problem, the team doesn't even bother grabb

              ing them which makes us lose...

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                Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

                I play the game to win no matter what my teammates are doing...... try to make sure my tag count and my deny count is positive of my death rate.......


                I dont "Steal tags" but if no one is around or they are making a poor (non)effort in getting them i grab then and go.....


                what baffels the heck out of me, is players who thinks it wrong to pick up fallen teammates tags

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                  Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

                  I do not mind playing solo.. it is the only chance I get to finish at the top of the scoreboard.


                  When I play with my clan, I only do so-so (my clan mates are not KD whores and they are good)

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                    Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

                    A real case of 6 of one, half a dozen of the other playing KC solo.


                    I find you get people who just chase after your tags and you can't seem to pick any up. Or you get teams where guys are walking past tags when you're down by 2 with only 3 tags remaining, for example. Not sure which is worse TBH.


                    Also, you ever notice if both you and your team mate are going for one of your tags. The team mate always seems to get the tag first? What's with that?

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                      Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

                      look at it this way guys....


                      When you get a kill from a medium to long range distance and don't immediately rush the tag.  One of two things are going to happen....


                      1 - The enemy will spot the red tag to get the Deny kill and rush to grab it leaving you with a chance to come up with two or more kills coupled with a little patience.  Because when they round a corner they always see the tag first, and in that moment take'em out.


                      2 - Your teammate will rush the tag and usually get killed in the process leaving you with a line of sight of who just killed him to come up with a couple more kills and tags


                      Even if your teammate gets the tag from your kill...you still got 50xp from the kill + 25xp from your teammate picking it up....plus a chance to get the kill and tags from the guy who smokes him in the process.


                      I usually go 20+ kills with minimal deaths and plenty of confirms and just about as many denies from just playing a little more methodical even with a bunch of retard rushers...becuase at the end of the day your W/L ratio really ain't that big of a deal, it's your K/D, XP, and performance that counts.

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                        Re: playing solo on kc sucks lol

                        i don't mind having snipers/long-range killers on my team. i go pick up their tags for them and get lots of points. same when they use the Dragonfire or other controlled streak.


                        what bugs me is the surge in team killing. i played in three lobbies last night where i was getting killed for my care packages. one guy was host so i left 'cause he did it twice and i saw no reason for him to stop.

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