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    MQ-27 Dragonfire Bug/ improvement


      I'm making this post about two things. during a couple matches on Kill confirmed I was running the dragonfire to obtain the challenge oppurtunistic (destroy an enemy scorestreak with the dragonfire.) While I was operating the said streak there was a host migration whereafter the game resumed my dragonfire lost it's hud and it target finding abilities. I was able to shoot but was unable to distinguish friend from foe with the hud gone. I hope this bug can be fixed in the next patch. secondly I wanted to ask of some possible improvements to the dragonfire. it is an 925 streak just shy from the agr (1000) and while the ability to comb the sky and infiltrate spots on the map from unorthodox places is a boon to extinguishing campers. I feel the agr does its job better and is at least 3x more durable. I'm not aware at how much health the avatar of the dragonfire contains but I know it is very low taking only a few shots from even the highest possible height. 3-4 shots i presume (without fmj) so i can say it has possibly 100 health. how about boosting this to 200-250? the AGR has at least 300-400 and taskes 2 emp grenades to kill or 1 emp and about half a clip from a weapon. the dragonfire takes 1 emp to destroy and only 3-4 shots to destroy which is ludicrous for something that typically needs 9 kills and an assist to deploy. boosting the parameters of this scorestreak will allow the user to use it to it's full potential and for the enemy team to actually use a launcher to shoot it down instead of laughing an taking it down with something as meager as a pistol.

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          I shot one down the other day with an old dried out rubber-band.

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            The thing is, you can fly away with a dragonfire and attack from unexpected angles/places.


            An AGR is slow and easy to avoid. And it only takes one EMP in my experience.

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                One EMP will "stun" an AGR but not destroy it.  I'm not sure if this varies in HC vs. Core mode, but I can confirm that a single EMP does not kill it in Core from prior experience.


                @ the OP, I agree.  What you can do to increase the lifespan of your Dragonfires is fly them low; this seems to go against instinct, as common sense tells you that a higher-flying target is more difficult to hit, but at low altitude you'll find you can kill enemies much faster with the Dragonfire and even "duck" behind obstacles or around corners to escape if you bite off more than you can chew.  I just finished the calling card challenge for kills with the MQ-27 and was surprised at how much better I did by flying at just above head height for the entire time (I even had a few last the full time until auto-destruct).

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                I don't use the Dragonfire, purely because it is so easy to take out. I like using EMP grenades, and its nice easy point just lobbing one into the sky when the enemy bring one im. For me personally i'd hate it to be upgraded, but it definately needs to be.


                AGR's atre much more difficult to take out, yes they can be avoided, but if your using them properly you can literally annihilate the opposition. I got over 15 kills with one the other day just through using it sensibly on HQ.


                On a side note about the host migration, I've also had it where my stealthhelicopters disappear when it migrates host!!! That is bloody annoying & definately needs patching

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                  In my opinion, the Dragonfire is a HC scorestreak. Like the M27 is a HC assault rifle. I can use the Dragonfire very successfully in HC as it is harder to find with no HUD and only 1 to 2 shots to kill an enemy. My strategy is actually to stay high above rooftops. Move above higher obstacles and use them as cover. Pop up and shoot someone, and drop back down and move over and repeat. Sometimes I just have a bad one, and get 0-2 kills. If you hear beeping noises, as in they are aiming down it with a launcher, drop down ASAP to the roof top or ground level immediately. I have used 19 Dragonfires, and have 116 kills with it. Not too bad.


                  In core, you're probably right on the AGR. That may be the better option as it is only a few points more. That and it can do work while you are not vulnerable. The dragonfire is, imo, a more trollish and fun option.


                  *As for the bug, I have never seen that and don't know what to add there.

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                    i routinely shoot down Dragonfires with my pistol. i think it's a bit easy to destroy.. then again, it is a small, remote-controlled model plane, basically. maybe it should be easier to achieve.

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                      Some things one can do...


                      1.) Move around a lot while firing, like normal. A lot of Dragonfire uses I've seen, the user barely seems to move it while firing at people, usually just strafing it to the sides. They're more or less idle in the air, thinking they'd be too small to hit accurately. I constantly move it up and down, side to side, and diagonally at random moments/amounts while firing.


                      2.) Take advantage of its smaller size and flight ability. There are quite a few places on some maps where you can take it where you can't go as a person that it can use to take enemies by surprise and/or use as cover.


                      3.) Rather than aggressively try to attack enemies, use it as a support gun for teammates. Like follow a teammate(s) around and if they come across multiple enemies, you can engage one while they hit the other.


                      4.) Simply be a distraction or marking tool. Draw enemy fire and allow your teammates to hit them by surprise or use your machine gun to "mark" where enemies might be camping or which direction they're approaching from and such. The sound alone will, hopefully, alert teammates.


                      5.) Use a Counter-UAV right before using the Dragonfire. When it comes to it and the A.G.R., a lot of people will, whether they admit it or not, look to the minimap to try to pinpoint their locations to either attack it or avoid it. By taking out their minimap for that duration, they'll have no choice but to use their eyes to try to locate it, coupled with some of the above tactics, will allow you to approach them from unexpected directions and/or allow teammates to also move in and take them out easier while they're scanning around for it, most likely up higher in the air (when it could really be down low).

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                          I appreciate all the input guys. Firstly I'd like to mention that all the above said tactics I have been using... and yes there are games where people just dont take the time to care about the dragonfire and get steamrolled by it... but those are just noobs. The dragonfire itself isnt very fast its slower than a rc-xd without boost. the rc moves at about 110% base speed and jumps up to about i wanna say at the very least 120% whereas the dragonfire is about 105% and im not asking for it to be as durable as the agr. but 3-4 shots with a pistol is crazy you can go about 30 meters in the sky before losing signal which is the range of a longshot- the fact a pistol whose range drop off is tremendous only doing 18 dmg at the longest distances can kill a dragon fire is a little absurd. like i mentioned 200-250 so that players are more inclined to throw emps or shoot it down with a launcher. either that or make it cost less to access.675-850. the agr may be slow but its very versatile and resilient being able to shoot three rockets with inf reloads and unlimited chain gun fire with an amazing firing rate.

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                          In the next patch the dragonfire gets a boost to its health and accuracy. Currently only installed on xbox but should come to PS3 before the DLC does.


                          Link http://community.callofduty.com/message/413598236#413598236


                          Regards Apocalypse