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    Mw3 GliTcheS AnD SeCreTs (JuSt FoR FuN)

      If U aRe A Mw3 AdDict There aRe GliTcheS In SoMe Map




      There Are Two Big Crates That u Can Jump Just Jump on It Then BoOm DogS Wont Get U AnD AlsO JugGerNauts Will NoT KilL u EaSily


      Then in MultipLay There ArE Some Maps u Can SpeCtatE


      Ex.LocK DOwn


      FiNd The HiGhest ApaRtment Then FInd AN EntRance Or WiNdows That DesTroyed Enter It Then u WiLL SeE BeAr AnD EaGle FighTing


      BeARS GoNe WilD


      AnOtHer In Mw3 SurVival There Is A map Named Baakara Find A Black There An Black hawk Destroyed There Is An  FreE Gun U cAn uSe AlwAys Free And Infinite Bullets