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    These trash talking squeaker crews who run around like a pack of stray dogs, barking and pi$$ing on everything..............

      So annoying. You bump into these knob jockeys, and theyre constantly saying how good they are, all high ranked, coz they NEVER play alone, all have mics, and run round together capping flags and talking sh1te - then after the game they continue to say how good they are. Then they trash talk randoms who are like level 4 and cant even walk straight. Is this how these scrubs get their kicks? Its sad really when you think about it - where are their parents??


      Id LOVE to bump into these f4g ends when im with a few allies, and tear them a new ars3hole but as it is, I only seem to play them when im in a smaller team, we always have 5 to their 6, and 4 of these are ranked like 3-13 and cant even walk straight and dont know what domination is. This leaves me trying to cap a flag on my own, when theres 2 enemy guys camped on every flag and there`s constant air support raining down coz my team are all like 3-46, theres dogs running everywhere and theres simply nothing I can do.


      I logged on last night, and tried 3 lobbies, every game was me and 4 noobs vs stacked 6 man parties, so last night I decided to make them rage and leave. It took 50 mins which was longer than I expected but hey ho. I got a class which just had a smaw and fast hands, and I suicided myself constantly throughout each game, ending with scores like 0-140, 0-137, 0-155, 0-129, 0-156, I wanted the 0-200 but we lost every game very easily. The thing was, ALL my team started leaving coz not only where they getting powned and trash talked but one of their own wasnt trying The last game was funny, it was 3 of us vs these 6 jokers, and theyre all saying how they have dogs and swarms lined up for the 2nd half, so the other 2 in my team left, so it was 1v6, and they didnt get 1 kill, coz I was killing myself They raged coz their points per minute was dropping coz they had no flags to cap and no one to kill   My kdr dropped from 1.79 to 1.12 but hey ho, it was fun


      Its my new party trick - the Mario Malfunction