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    is there anything different we can do with the points?

      As we all know, Jimmy's tweet either means we have to wait for DLC or he is really giving us a clue. And since I'm someone who thinks there is more, points has to be referring to the zombie money right? Not to say the Net Asset crap means anything, but we haven't called anything else points as far as I know, and the game says double points. Maybe he is secretly referring to clock hands or points on the map, but Those are things we really don't call points, so I'm trying to figure out the obvious answer.


      So if points are related, what would be the best number on the map to use. Because other than the depot address which is 3420, which I've tried, there are not a lot of numbers that end on zero to use. So I'm wondering if anyone can think of a good number, or maybe there is a way to lose or gain points under the value of 10. That way, maybe we can use 1104 or something like that. It would make sense to use the bus' call number to navigate, or at least give it new navigation codes.


      One thought I had is that the points have to be equal to dollars. When we give money away, a dollar sign pops up. So 10 points must be 10 dollars in zombie money. Each perk machine has 10 cents on it. I wonder if we buy one machine 10 times in a game, if it would make the point total drop by 1 dollar.


      Another thought I had is that Tombstone steals money from other players when a player goes down. Haven't had much experience with it in a while, because I find most people don't use it. Not exactly sure how much money it takes. Could be a fixed number or a pecentage. But what happens if a player has less money than the amount Tombstone takes. Or if they have no points.


      Just trying to think of something different. I never tried alot with points before, but the tweet seems to make them more important.