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    Another Lag switcher disc. with questioon

      I joined a game in progress today hardcore K/C on slums. As I join game one player is explaining to the other to just hit the switch for just a 1/4 of a second or so or the host will migrate. He also said it will only work for them 2 because none of the other players are entered on his ip. I missed the very first part of this conversation but somehow both of these players were able to lag the game. So I start running around doing my thing and constantly running into walls and generally lagging all over the place. So I just went to the laundromat and hit the select button and listened to these 2 players talk and brag about how high their kd is going to be now and watched everyones connection drop to red bar except theirs of course constantly. players on the opposing team come and go. After the match these 2 players left the lobby and I told everyone in the lobby what I heard them saying and encouraged everyone to report them. I too reported them both to xbox live for tampering and to treyarch for cheating. So my question is what are the chances they will actually be caught? I went to theatre to rewatch the match but it just plays through without showing any of the game from anyones perspective. I also went to elite and entered their GT's to check their stats so I could track and see if they get reset but Elite could not find either one of their GT's. Oh also every time the one player would kill someone he would say "frozen"

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