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    tranzit navcard

      so we were given a hint the otherday as to how it is used


      it may be points, or what ever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time, then continue to work.



      now we all know you can store points in the bank vault but has anyone notice that just outside the vault there is a cupboard with 2 keys in it just like the vault?

      seems a little strange they would put them on just one of the cupboards

      has anyone tried filling the bank and activating these keys?

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          Re: tranzit navcard

          those are used to share your points with other players in the game.

          1. you have to buy the galvaknuckles,
          2. go prone in front of them,
          3. knife it,
          4. then hold x to deposite 1000 points and losse 100 points,
          5. losing a total of 1100 points

          sorry dude. but good try.

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            Re: tranzit navcard

            i tihkn of it as one person uses the key to put money in the tray, closes it, then the second person opens the key and takes the pints, i know a power pops up when u give money but think of it in real life, one person uses one key to give money, then the receiver opens the box and gets the money. I jave no confidence in this answer, just tossing out a possible answer.

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