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    Top 10 names you may have been called


      I actually like BO2. I'm not a fan of the match making and the inconsistent game play. I like the game when the connections are good. With this being said I have to ask. What do you guys think are the top 10 names that the other team calls you when they lose? I'll start the first couple.


      #1. F****ing Camper (Even if you ran around the whole match)


      #2. Lagging Piece of Cr*p (Even if you had 4 bars the whole game and were still barely able to kill someone)

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          #3 "FUENBFBN" (from a little kid)



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            As long as this thread doesn't become spammed with profanity, it can stay. I am moving it to Off Topic though.


            I wish I could contribute to the thread, but I'm rarely called any names. My pre-emptive "Good Game" usually elicits an automatic "Good Game" response back. All those years of Little League... it's ingrained.

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                LOL!!! If it does I will ask that it be deleted... I have learned my lesson...LOL!!! I actually start out every match with "Good Luck other Team"... It seems that after the match is over and we win they are a little butt hurt and out comes the excuses and name calling. I was called a camper even though I had 5 of the 6 Flag captures for our team... LOL!!!

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                It wasn't really a name I was called one night recently, but it was funny as heck - even though it was meant to insult me.


                The other team had two parties. One with three members, the other with two members and one random. The team I was on had all randoms. Pre-match, one of the two-member party guys was yapping about how they were going to stomp us, etc, etc. The kind of stuff I generally mute or simply pay no mind to.


                The match happens and it was intense and a darn good match. Sure enough, they won ... 95 - 84 or something like that in HCKC. Dunno, to me, that's the sign of two teams playing hard and a relatively close match.


                But the other team had uber-spammed UAVs. It was horrible. I shot down at least a half dozen UAVs myself. But, hey, it's in the game so whatever.


                Nonetheless, I made the ultra-rare comment to a very quiet post-match lobby. I simply said, "Hey, in the next match, you guys should all use the UAV as one of your scorestreaks."


                Holy cow! The guy that had been running his mouth pre-match (one of the worst kdr's in the lobby post-match) erupted into a fury.


                But right in the middle of his fury, he pops off and says, "Besides that, you need to go to bed. It's way past your bedtime, nuttin 2 say. How old are you? Like 60 or something? That's too late for old people to be up playing video games!"


                I still LMAO thinking about it. The rest of the lobby thought it was hilarious, too, though they all berated him for getting all worked up over a friendly taunt.

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                  No life. They were some kids in the game that went MAJORLY negative and were on my team. I was the only one on that game with a positive K/D. I think the third highest on the score boards was 8-32.

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                    Well, I mute everyone as soon as I enter quite often (unless I hear some actual combat lingo).



                    I don't hardly recieve messages either...but I did get one a few weeks ago.  Second best player was like 38-22 and I went 72-18 (I dont use any high score streaks..they were uav, killerdrone, cuav).  I get a message from a guy who went 7-19 telling me "you aint sh-t".


                    I guess along time ago some little douche kid after their team got raped by us was calling me a camper.  My response was, "really?  a camper...so I set up my entire class with marathon and lightweight, etc...just to camp? hmm..perhaps go back and watch the footage then you can get back to me with that trash ass comment noob".  His reply was "oh okay, well that game was just bullshit".

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                      1) Laggy (Insert swear word here)


                      2) Hacker (relating to being master)


                      3) Camper (despite being always on the move and having a decent SPM)


                      4) Ocasional K/D abuse, though I'm happy with 1.51 (1.61 TDM)


                      5) Noob (left a Betty next to a car and got a triple kill and triple abuse)


                      The list goes on. I take it all as a compliment, if I upset them it's because I bettered them.

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                        You cheating little 'C' word is one I often hear...during the game too. This tirade of pathetic, playground language is usually spoken by hobby UK teens and adults.


                        Charming. Grow up, it's a game!

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                          I got a voice message the other day that said "I can't believe how hard you tried and I STILL beat you and I was sniping"....I didn't reply back, but thought to myself "I can't believe you actually thought I cared about how you feel"..Besides...aren't you supposed to "Try hard" when playing COMBAT TRAINING?!?! Lol...Some people....

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                            I got called a CuntMuncher LOL. I actually take that as a compliment since its better than being called a cock gobbler