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    disconnected from server.


      I have a problem with black ops 2 online play. After 2-3 minutes of play I get disconnected form black ops server. Internet connection seems good, game play nice and smooth, then get disconnected. It happens every time. Started to happen after update to psn a few days ago..really annoying. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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          Re: disconnected from server.

          Since the maintenance a few days ago I havn't been able to play online at all, says the server is unavailable.

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              Re: disconnected from server.

              maybe i've got the wrong site here..is this activion/treyarch tech support? Does anyone from activison/treyarch monitor this site? Can I/Will I get a response from them here? If not can anyone point me in the right direction to get some sort of reponse, even if it is "got no idea mate". A phone number mabe? thanks.

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              Re: disconnected from server.

              hye guy..anything you problem same with me...play around 2 or 3 minutes then disconnected from bo2 server...what problem with server bo2..????

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                Re: disconnected from server.

                There have been a lot of posts regarding the same or very similar issues. The servers are up most of the time and even when they are "down," they are not fully down. There's been some intermittent service with some players. Usually that issues lasts a few minutes, not a few hours.


                Most of those having issues are having NAT issues. This is a setting within your router. If you have anything less than an "Open" NAT you could experience the things you are experiencing. Some players are reporting that merely restarting their modems & routers fixes the problem (you will need to restart every device on your network for this to work). If this does not work, you will need to access your router settings via your PC or laptop that is connected to your network. Every router and every ISP is different so there is no universal suggestion on what to look for or where to go once inside the router. Some ISPs can help you with this if you call them; some router manufacturers can also help you with this (some charge a fee if it is outside of the warranty period).


                There are several ways you can check to see if your NAT is set correctly. The game usually will indicate somewhere on the screen "NAT Type:" and after that it will say either something like Closed, Moderate, or Open. If it does not say "Open" the NAT is your problem.


                It does not matter how many Call of Duty games you have played in the past. It does not matter whether or not you have similar issues with other games.


                You are at the correct site, but you may be looking for these pages ... Activision Support.


                I have other links that may help, but let's start there. I do not work for ATVI so it may be a while before I respond further.

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                  Re: disconnected from server.

                  Hi Ozdave15,


                  If you frequently experience disconnects, here are some tips you may want to try.


                  You can always check online services status here Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Status


                  If online services are fully operational and you are still unable to connect, you may want to try the following.


                  • Reboot your router.
                  • Restart your system.
                  • Try using a wired connection in order to sustain the connection quality.
                  • To help identify if there is an issue with the router or blocked ports, try connecting directly through the modem. 
                  • Check the NAT type.  Is it Open, Moderate or Strict?
                  • Establish a static IP address and port forward. 


                  Here are the port numbers you will need:


                  PS: Activision Support

                  PC:  Activision Support

                  Xbox 360:  Activision Support


                  Should you have any questions on how to port forward, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer.


                  Regards ^AH

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                    Re: disconnected from server.

                    nutting2say has made good points.


                    I find that whenever I am using WiFi I get disconnected almost every game.

                    Most of the times it is down to your setup and getting the most stable connection from your modem/router with your ISP for the game.

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