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    Rules for Zombies--Add If any Missing--trust me theres lots

      please help make this bigger and please explain the rule that you want to add. I dont want to have to reword your idea and want to make you fell like you contributed. I will add it if its not already up. Also I will give credit to the rules you add. thanks


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                                                  Rules for Zombies.


      1. +Stop screaming "READY UP!!!" when you join the lobby
      2. +Before  joing a lobby, ask "Are you GOING TO PLAY"?  Don't quit as soon as the  game starts as the rounds wont record for the other players who wish to  beat their highest round (unless you knew your host and causes a host  migration) 
      3. +PLEASE don't go into a lobby with your music blaring or even playing at that. Some people, as soon as they hear music will mute the player for the whole game no matter how great they may seem to think they are.
      4. +Please for the love of god dont be in public lobby and leave for 10+ min. its very annoying for people that re trying to play




      1. Don’t make crawlers in the start or middle of the rounds; it will be your downfall.
      2. Make sure you see 2 zombies b4 you kill to always save the last zombie.
      3. Aiming at the head may kill them faster but bad shooters will waste more ammo  
      4. +DONT  Emp grenade any of the perk machines/pack a punch/box just to annoy a  member of your team for kicks, this is very annoying!   - there is no I  in T.E.A.M and if they fall YOU will follow.
      5. +DONT bizech(<complain) when you get killed because you choose to hump the box when everyone else went ahead to turn the power on.
      6. +Power>Perks>then the Box
      7. +If your good enough to get someone off the ground it stands to reason you would be good enough to get that downed teammate either to jug or anzombie shield.
      8. +If you don't have a mic and you actually make it into a game with those who have mic let your worthwhile actions be known. (PP Open, Power on) I believe you get the point. 
      9. +If you can't teleport and navigate the fog don't steal someone else's turbine who has plans to get things done. (Power, Bank, hatch piece)
      10. +Some people get really pissed off to even quite the game when people without asking takes the teleport they worked to make. Ask first or wait your turn. Its only funny ONE time.
      11. +If you drop a piece, let someone know where it is.  Before you quit out the match for one reason or another either let yourself be killed so the piece drops at your fallen location or message another teammate.
      12. +Commit to the revive.  It's great that people want to help their fallen comrades, but if you can't commit to a possible down to save someone that you already set your mind to get then leave them to their fate or let someone else who can DO!  Nothing worse than watching your teammates go down and stay down b/c people were scared.  Remember going down happens but that's what  what your team is for but dying altogether just sucks.
      13. +The power should never be turned off once it's on(unless easter egg). It will mess up people and usually after you get JUG you don't look down to make sure its still there.
      14. +THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT RULES. Don't glitch unless everyone agrees to. We're here to play, not to watch someone sit in a corner for the whole game. If you do wanna glitch, then please, play Solo.
      15. +Don't kill someone else's train. They worked hard to make it.
      16. +Before running blindly into an area, ask if it is safe to go in, more than often someone has a huge train that will down you before you know it was there.
      17. +If someone is down and you know there are no zombies near him/her, then pause your precious train for a second and try to save them.
      18. +If you do go down, but you saw at least one person try (but there were too many zombies in the way, for example), then accept the fact they couldn't, don't start raging.
      19. +Don't make dumb or ridiculous excuses if you didn't even try to revive someone. Step up to your acts.


      START of the GAME

      1. +Don't steal kills at the start of the game. Everyone needs their points, and unless the team agrees to let you have the majority of points (if you are a door opener, for example), don't kill the zombie someone else has. If you see someone waiting on a zombie to get close to them, or within a few feet of them, it's pretty obvious they are going to kill it.







      1. +On rounds 1-10 all you have to do is get AS max points out of any weapon you get. ex.You can stack points even with a War Machine that early because direct hit are 1 shot kills.
      2. +Another method to making lots of points is saving up for Galvaknuckles. It might costs 6,000 points but its one hit kill till round 13 and you get at least 120 points per zombie punch.



      1. +Juggernaut is the number one priority. You can die and lose everything. It takes a lot of skills and practice to be able to run circles without jug so go train 





      1. Don’t instantly get the drops, wait it out, you do have 30 seconds to make up your mind and if you are playing with other people call it out(NOT IN GREIF. In GREIF PICK UP ASAP) especially if it’s a *MAX AMMO.  People nowadays get really mad because max ammo in the later rounds (30+) comes once every 2-3 rounds if lucky. So when a player picks up MAX without calling it others are not given time to reload or empty there clips to gain full usage of the Drop. *DOUBLE POINTS  is best to be picked up after hording (for about 15-25 seconds about time drop begins to blink) as much zombies spawning so when picked up you can instantly get 2X points compared to using the valuable 30 seconds you have b4 the drop stops. Best two drops to be used together is DP and *INSTANT KILL and if it’s your lucky game Nuke right b4 DP ends. (I had games were I had all 4 drops out at the same time;)  
      2. Don’t ever get *NUKE unless: end or start of round, about to be trapped, with firesale so zombies don’t stop you from hitting the box, or for double points if there are no more zombies. When you get it DP, it will be 800points. Without it will be 400points. Just by killing 3-4 zombies you have made a little more then 400, so image if you had a hoard (10+zombies) and some1 gets nuke.(CALL UR DROPS)
      3. No drop(s) is worth YOU going down for, unless experienced and know the amount of risk being taken. Example: you see a nuke and even tho zombies are spawning all over the area it’s at and you also have some behind you, you decide to risk it all and pick it up only to get trapped and the  zombies blowing up from the nuke downs you. OR you see a max ammo and risk it all and down yourself getting max ammo for every1 else and not you.  



      1. +If you're playing with random's though, chances are, box is going to be priority cause they'll tape the crap out of that thing and then you're stuck with either empty guns at Town, or at most a B23R.
      2. +If you only have 1000 points then for ***** sake buy the mp5 and not the box. And this goes for every mode/map.
      3. +If someone just died, or they have a bad weapon, let them have their turn on the box before you, they need it more.
      4. +Don't be greedy and spam the Open Box button so only you can spin it.
      5. +If two or more boxes are near you during a fire sale, and someone else is with you, divide the boxes equally, don't take both of them for yourself.



      1. +If you find the step ladder at Bus Depot or the diner immediately put that **** in the diner to open up the roof and be able to get knuckles

        If someone goes down with that **** it can get lost and its even worse if sht goes real hay wire and you go down with that sht in the fog, 90% chance you wont get it back if you lose it in the fog.

      2. If you go down with any build-able part it in the lave then it'll respawn at whatever are you got it from.





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