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    NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

      Please bump if you would like something like this. Here's the deal. Any numb nuts can play a few hours and prestige once. Then they go to barracks and perform a fresh start. O M G!!! They reset their stats and they get a neat eraser to prove just how much testicular fortitude they have for resetting their whole 1 prestige. Yet, what about those of us that actually put in some work? How about us Master Prestigers? What about the Primary and Secondary gun masters? Even an Opeartion Master? Fresh Start for a level 1 prestige gives and eraser calling card and to a level 1 prestige that is actually an award, because he now has something that not everyone else has.. but to some who has Master Prestiged, or gotten Primary/Seconday gun master etc.. That little eraser is a SACRAFICE.


      Yet, there is a catch. That sacrafice that was made. All those hours and time.. all that effort and hard work.. Means the exact same as a level 1 numb nuts who did practically nothing. There is absolutely no benefit for someone who works hard, outside of maybe starting out with a better ratio? Let's be honest. It's a rip off to hard working players.


      Take me for instance.. I surpassed over 30,000 kills a long time ago. It is extremely difficult to raise my KD or Win Loss, just because of how many people I have killed. A fresh start would help me get my numbers up easier, but at was cost? How much do I sacrafice? I sacrafice Master Prestige, and being very close to Primary Gunmaster "Only a few guns away" and real damn close to Operation Master. Hell I KNOW other people that actually do have those completed. We all stand to lose EVERYTHING and only get a stupid eraser that any numb nuts can get.


      So here is an idea. Something that I think is fair. How about a little "and I do mean little" appreciation for some hard work. This is supposed to be a FRESH START.. We are supposed to have NOTHING right? Well that is kind of an oxymoron because there isn't nothing. YOU GET AN ERASER CALLING CARD. So if in fact you do not start with nothing for your problems, it wouldn't be too much to give a little more.


      HOW ABOUT DIFFERENT ERASERS? Erasers that show your accomplishments. It's not much to ask for the HUGE SACRAFICE we are making.


      Here's a few example. Let's say


      Fresh start at Master Prestige.... Calling card "Eraser of a different color or maybe a skull or something"

      Fresh start with Diamond cammos on ALL primaries or secondaries... "Eraser with a diamond boarder"

      Fresh start with Primary/Secondary master "Eraser with guns on it"

      Fresh start with Operation master "Eraser with pic on it.. hell I dunno about this one"


      or what about an eraser combo? Mix and match.. say you are Master Prestige with all Diamond cammos... You get an eraser with a skull on it and a diaomond boarder.


      I am not sure exactlt what could be offered but currently the fresh start idea is a rip off for people that have busted their ass, and simply want some slightly better stats. We aren't asking for much. You already give the people who didn't do squat a pretty eraser for nothing. All we are asking is that you give something to people who actually worked.


      I hope I am not out of line.. I just think it's fair. We worked hard.. we should get more than the people who didn't.

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          Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

          I guess I was wrong. Just seemed like getting an eraser was lame after all you sacrafice.

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            Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

            I think I might be misunderstanding what you're trying to say so I'm just going to reply the best I can. If I did misunderstand please let me know.


            So you're upset because after all your hard work, getting diamond camos becoming a master prestige etc. you think you're not getting enough reward? If that is true you're totally wrong. They give you all these great things (diamond camos, title of master prestige etc.) because of all your hard work. That is something the "level one numb nuts" don't have. You're getting way more than those people who have done a fresh start have. All they have is a calling card. So what? You have tons of great things to show for your hard work. And you're right. A calling card is not worth losing all of the work you put into having everything you have. So just be happy you have those things and the "level one numb nuts" don't.

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              Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

              What I don't get is that you care more about your K/D than those insane challenges..


              Resetting is kinda a waste of time. I know for sure once I reach max prestige, I wont reset. Who gives a darn about K/D?

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                Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

                I think it's a decent idea.  Or at the very least a different calling card for being master prestige and then using fresh start. 

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                  Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

                  SO, your complaining that because you were to much of a numbnut(as you put it)to actually just reset stats after the the first prestige, you feel somehow you should get something different. 


                  I believe the whole eraser thing was intended for people who were just learning the game, and as they got better would want to reset their stats. 


                  If you really wanted the eraser calling card, you should have done it after first prestige so you dont feel you are losing anything!

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                    Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

                    I understand what your saying but I dont agree with a lot of it. I do think we should be getting more, but I think Diamond Camo is pretty awesome. I am currently a Master Prestiege, with the assault, sub machine, sniper, and rockets all diamond camo. Thats all I care to work on right now. Why would anybody want to reset stats anyways? I did it on MW3 because I was at 15th Prestiege (Max prestiege at that time) and it got boring. Resetting my stats was not worth it. It cost me everything. When I got into Black Ops 2, the one thing I stopped caring about pretty quickly was my K/D ratio and Win/Loss ratio. The game is so bad to begin with that none of those stats count for crap. It always lag, lag, lag. I am constantly behind a full 1 to 2 seconds on my screen compared to others. I get kicked out of games because team mates run in front of my shots, a lot of times on purpose. How can you possibly care about stats on a game that doesnt even function properly? Stop worrying about K/D cause it means nothing. I wish they would take K/D and W/L ratio out of the game, then people would actually play a lot better, especially at objective games. Just have fun and keep working on your camo's. If you peeved off at the game and not having fun, then your losing at the game completly right?

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                      Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

                      i dont think anyone really cares about the eraser calling card. seen tons of em. i've seen only ONE primary master. no secondary masters yet. so rest assured that the community knows that the eraser calling card is just meh.

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                          Re: NEW Primary / Secondary Master or Master Prestige Calling card for Fresh Start PLEASE

                          It would still be a cool way to show off how much time you invested and then are doing it again. I mean think about how much suck we got in MW3 with the 11-20 emblems. LAME.. Let's say you did get mater prestige and all that stuff. Then you reset your stats and you get a diamond eraser or something. That would be like a whole new level.. like level 12. Peopel would see you have already hit master prestige and now you are doing it again because you are totally insane.. or that you earned full diamond camos or gun mastery and you reset and are doing it again.


                          Yes there is a little bit of the cocky side of things.. but think about the achievement? Some people like challenges. Like me. I want to get all the challenges unlocked... but once they are unlocked and done.. the game gets boring. So what do you do? A fresh start? Okay.. but you are getting stuff back you already earned once. You already proved to yourself you could do it. People who are into challenges don't like to redo the challnge for no reason if they already know they could. However.. if you just add a little extra to that challenge.. All of a sudden it's cool as hell.


                          I was master prestige with everything unlocked.. now I am 2nd master prestige with everything unlocked and it shows!! Just wait.. I'm gonna do it a third time!


                          It would just be nice to not get bored with the game.. that is basically what I am saying. Resetting and not getting anything in return is not fun for challenge lovers. Challenge lovers well.. We like to show our achievements.. that is why we did them..  and a fancy eraser would be an easy way to go about it.

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