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    The Nice Theory- A Theory about DLC on Black Ops and Black Ops 2, Brought to you by nintendont

      Nintendont brought this to my attention the other day. So credits to him.


      But think about it........Back in the black ops forums, Wii Admin was active. She kept us updated, told us when patches were going to come out, etc. She made us feel heard. She was friendly and interacted with the community. This was around the time....well, like right now. January-March.......Weird, weren't we supposed to get DLC for BO at that time? Something happened, DLC never came out for BO. Forward to MW3. No mention of DLC in the booklet,so obviously no chance of DLC. Think about it, by this time in MW3, support had been dropped. Wii Admin was never ever active in the MW3 as she was back in BO. Now forward to BO2......There's a chance of DLC. Look at the back of the box and look at the elite FAQ. Notice how A_Trey_U is being active and friendly?


      Just something to think about. Maybe I'm just thinking about this too much, over examining it....then again, purple because aliens don't wear hats and the purple zebra runs at midnight while the hungry liger eats a pineapple.


      Also.....HARDPOINT IS AWESOME......DOUBLE XP+HARDPOINT=OH MA GERD. Too bad there's so many SMG users. Can't blame them, hardpoint is made for SMG usage.