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    Probation ?

      Why the game put me in probation ? I enter a room there people boosting i get out and I'm in probation no penaly for people boosting !!!! You doing well .....

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          I am having the same issue, I play capture the flag but on fields like Hijacked where the spawn camping is outrageous I have to leave for there is no point to stay. So they should fix the probation and the spawn camping issues, my suggestion is to not count any kill or death with in 2 or so seconds with in a spawn.

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            Please report the players in game using the report player option. Also please refer to the Black Ops 2: Security & Enforcement Policy.




            Claire JeepChick

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              I agree that this probation thing is completely retarded. i got kicked for a teammate walking in front of my fire on hardcore and i got probation. What if someones power goes out or they have something important that they have to leave?? i think that they should remove this stupid probation thing and focus more on punishing the boosters and modders

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                  Yeah, same happens to me. My internet sucks, and when i do get a game, it runs at about 1 frame a second, and appears to do so for everyone in the match. So i quit, get probation and then don't play for a week. Same thing happens. When i got probation for leaving a pre-game lobby, I decided I would write this post, stick it on any threads about this topic, tell treyarch to suck it an then never play it or any other CoD again on principal. I refuse to pay them 50 quid for a game i cant play. And then people wonder why piracy is on the rise! Spanners.