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    Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

      Whenever I start Mw3 SP/MP after about 10 seconds it freezes and I can only close it via task manager. I've talked to two reps and neither of them helped me.

      I have;

      - Verified my game cache

      - Disabled cloud

      - Reinstalled the game 4 times

      - Reinstalled the game on a different hard drive 2 times

      - Deleted Steam and redownlaoded MW3.

      Nothing has worked. I'm so frustrated right now, can someone help me?


      My PC Specs;

      16 GB 1866Mhz RAM

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i76-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHZ

      nVidia GTX 675m 4GB VRAM @1066MHZ

      1 TB 5400 RPM

      1 SSD 120GB 540 MB/S

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          Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

          No replies yet, talked to 4 activison reps, completely idiots and useless.


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            Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

            May be your firewall or antivirus blocking your game, and have you updated your BIOS and have the latest dirvers for your video card.


            Turn off anti-virus and firewall to see if you can get past the load screen...


            Have you looked in event viewer to see if anything shows up that can help,

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              Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

              reinstalling game and updating graphic card drivers might fix problem.

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                Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

                I have the same problem, my games freeze at main menu after few seconds..i have nvidia gtx 675m with latest drivers. Before installed beta driver released for black ops 2, my games worked fine. (sry for my english)

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                  Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

                  same problem here :|

                  new laptop msi ge70

                  cpu i5-3210m 2.50 ghz

                  nvidia geforce gtx 660m

                  ram ddr III 8gb

                  win7 64bit, latest drivers.


                  mw2, mohw, diablo3, dead space2, fallout new vegas - all games works fine.


                  i tried reinstall game and validating game files - no changes.


                  is there any f*****g solution at all?

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                    Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

                    Beside the good hints above to update drivers, verify game cache via steam and to check the reasons for the game crashes with the window owned Tool  >eventvwr.exe<  like Hootymadman already said I would suggest to:


                    - open your MW3 Ports --> check internet:  MW3 +open ports +name of your router

                    in Order to get NAT-Type: open

                    - keep in mind: the MW3 game engine tries to balance the matches by adding lag to people with high-performance computers and connections - which means: if you have high FPS and GPU usage and low ping or host, the game will see this as an advantage and add latency to your client. This means that the more GPU usage you have - the more time advantage your enemies will have over you!




                    Good luck ;>

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                        Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

                        This is what i have found i have the same issue with the freezing in mp and sp i played sp in offline mode and didnt have any crashes after trying 3 times i mean when online i couldnt even get through the video i dont know about multi player i am glad to hear others are having this issue like me and would like a better solution than go play with ports i dont think thats it and im not even going to try because i have played on more than 1 router i guess the to disreggard the router theory try pluging laptop desk top hardwire and see if it crashes than its not the stupid port which never works anyway

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                        Re: Mw3 Freezing at Main menu

                        Okay so slightly late here but I have this exact problem and it seemed very few people have it as well.


                        Firstly, what I did was connected by ethernet and it's been fine since then, wireless does not work at all.


                        I suspect that it's something to do with MSI laptops (assuming this is what everybody here has, if not then I'm wrong). I'm going to be contacting MSI with regard to this issue and I'll post the response here if it's of interest.


                        Basically, you have to connect via ethernet as far as I'm aware.

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